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Amigurumi Heart free Pattern

No-Sew Amigurumi Heart Free Crochet Pattern For Valentine’s Day

2023 is here and I am bringing a whole new set of mini amigurumi collections for you guys. The first mini amigurumi collection is tiny Valentine's amigurumi, and this week, let's learn how to crochet a tiny amigurumi angel heart…
Space Alien Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Baby Alien Free Crochet Pattern for Halloween

Looking for some creepy cute amigurumi Halloween crochet patterns? Not to look any further because today I’ve brought you one of the easiest and quickest Halloween amigurumi patterns: Pocket size Amigurumi Baby Alien Free Crochet Pattern. Pocket Alien Free Crochet…

Christmas Amigurumi Brooch/Ornament Axolotl Free Crochet Pattern

As you know, I am obsessed with axolotl and that's why I couldn't help to design another cute axolotl amigurumi for this holiday! Let me introduce to you a tiny red axolotl crochet brooch or Christmas axolotl free crochet…
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