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  • pet animal amigurumi crochet pattern

    30+ Quick and Adorable Pet Animal Amigurumi Pattern

    Hello guys how are you? It’s almost halfway through 2022, can you believe it? Because I certainly can’t. Honestly, I am still stuck in January hehehehe… but here we are in mid-May. So you know what that means, right? Because I’ve brought yet another super cute and adorable pattern round-up for you all and it’s…

  • Free Crochet Unicorn Patterns (4)

    Cute and Easy Roly Poly Amigurumi Unicorn Free Pattern

    Hello, how are you? Is a rainbow unicorn crochet toy something that you always want to crochet? Today, let’s meet Peace – my almost no-sew amigurumi, and crochet him with an amigurumi crochet baby unicorn free pattern. Are you excited to learn how to crochet this cute and easy unicorn crochet pattern? If yes, then…

  • free amigurumi toys patterns link party

    AMAZING AMI LINK PARTY #4 – Cute and Easy Amigurumi Toys Patterns to Crochet

    It’s the time of the month again you all… yes I am talking about another link party!! Are you guys excited about this month’s link party? I got some of the best amigurumi toys patterns to crochet from you beautiful and talented designers. I am so excited to share the top five patterns with you…

  • bt21 shooky amigurumi free pattern

    Crochet BT21 Shooky Amigurumi Free Pattern Toy

    Armyyy? How are you all? I know some of you might be upset with the recent award ceremony, well to be honest I am too, but what can we do, right? I mean we can just hype up the boys and keep supporting them. So for you to cheer up your mood I’ve brought yet…

  • parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf

    20+ Best crochet patterns for Parents’ gifts in 2022

    Hello, again! How are you all? I hope you’re doing fine. So today let me introduce you to some parents’ crochet patterns. If you are looking around for Parents’ crochet patterns, stop doing this, because I have everything you need here. Find your favorite parents’ crochet patterns to crochet for your beloved mother and father…

  • no-sew and free blobfish amigurumi crochet pattern for beginners

    Crochet Blobfish Amigurumi FREE Pattern – Hubert

    So it’s been a month since we crocheted that cute Robin bird in the Roly-Poly Mystery Amigurumi Collection. Now let’s learn to make another adorable crochet stuffed animal. This month I’ve brought you a sea animal for your beach and sea lovers out there. Are excited to learn how to crochet this amigurumi blobfish pattern?…

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