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2020 Highlights and 2021 Sneak Peek

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2020 has almost ended and 2021 is coming! Let’s share with me the highlights of the year 2020 and 2021 sneak peek. It has been a great year of 2020 for me with my designer career and hopefully, 2021 will be even better! 2021, I am ready!

You can watch a short video that I made for you here about 2020 rewind and 2021 sneak peek but remember to pull down the article to know more about the upcoming events. I promise you will love them.


  1. 2020 REWIND
  2. 2021 SNEAK PEEK
    1. Zodiac Amigurumi Crochet Along
    2. CoCrochet Tour (amigurumi designer interviews)
    3. Blog hops
    4. VIP Membership
  3. 2020 GIVEAWAY


Well, for the whole world, 2020 is such a bad year with the pandemic and its consequences. But as 2 sides of a coin, it also creates opportunities. For me, 2020 is a year of change. Some good, some bad, but I would like to share a few major highlights in my designer career!

I have started my blog and Youtube Channel

As you know, I started to share my amigurumi designs in July 2019, but I never treated designing as my career, just a hobby. But during the lockdown of 2020, when kids are at home only and the financial situation became worse, finally I grabbed enough motivation to start to think seriously about being an amigurumi designer. I want to make money, yes, enough for living from my hobby. And I couldn’t do it without my husband’s support! He encouraged me to come over the fear of failure to start something that I love!

I knew that it was not easy (and it is not), but I have tried my best to build and launch my website and Youtube Channel! There was a lot of work, and overwhelm, and tiring with a twin and a small girl at home, but somehow I managed and have built a routine for myself. So far, since I started the first blog in August, The Ultimate Guide to Amigurumi for beginners, I have created 19 blog posts and 41 Youtube videos. Wow, such a big number to me.

And good thing is that I have learned so much new knowledge and skills during the progress. I had no idea that I could create a landing page or film and edit videos. Such a wonderful learning year!

If you want to start a passion project, go ahead, maybe it will be failed, maybe it will not be perfect, but at least you step out of the comfort zone and try what you want to do. As my mentor said “Worse, you have 0”.

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i have designed 37 new patterns in 2020

37 new designs in 2020 is a big number for me! The addition made my life-time number of amigurumi design to 55 in total. The funny thing is, at first, I designed big-sized amigurumi, but then they became smaller, smaller…, from 50-40 cm animals, dropped down to cuddle size, and at the end of the year, only keychain size.

Why? Easy to understand, I had no time. But I need to design something new, it is my desire to pick up yarn and hook and crochet something. And, I am happy to say that, no matter the size small or big, I put my love to any design. I hope you also love them as much as I do.

One important keynote to my career was, I think, I found my style of amigurumi. I want to design the easy and fun amigurumi for busy crocheters, like me, so that they still can enjoy the art of amigurumi crocheting even they don’t have a lot of free time. Also, I want my amigurumi can be used as educational toys for kids to learn from, name of animals, colours…I would love to help children to enrich the imagination while they play with my toys! I have been searching for my style for years, so this was a milestone for me.

2021 sneak peek with Anvi's Granny Handicrafts
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Now, it is time for the great sneak peeks of 2021! There are some amazing year-through events that you don’t want to miss.

2021 Zodiac amigurumi Crochet Along
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(Every second week of the month)

12 Zodiac animals in 12 months

Free plan or VIP plan to choose

Amazing giveaways

Let’s see which animal we will crochet in the year-long CAL

2021 CoCrochet Tour

(Every Third week of the month)

Interviews with 12 famous amigurumi designers

Learn from their experiences

Special giveaways for my only readers

2021 Designer interviews


Babai - Lil Crochet Love
BABAI – LIL CROCHET LOVE (Instagram: lilcrochetlove)
Khuc Cay
NGOC ANH – KHUC CAY (Instagram: lespetitesmainsdekhuccay)
Feonardo Ganchigurumi
FERNANDO – GANCHIGURUMI (Instagram: ganchigurumi)
Kati from Hooked by Kati
KATI – HOOKED BY KATI (Instagram: hookedbykati)
Natalia from Rnata
NATALIA – RNATA (Instagram: rnata6744)
Jennifer from super cute design
JENNIFER – SUPER CUTE DESIGN (Instagram: supercutedesign)
Irina from Blue Rabbit Toys
IRINA – BLUE RABBIT TOYS (Instagram: bluerabbittoys)
THERESA – THERESA CROCHET SHOP (Instagram: theresacrochetshop)
JANIE – MEOW AMIGURUMI (Instagram: meow.amigurumi)
MARISKA – DIYFLUFFIES (Instagram: diyfluffies)
ANDREIA – LEMON YARN CREATIONS (Instagram: lemonyarncreations)

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Quarterly Crochet Blog Hop
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4 blog hops in 2020

Meet new crochet designers

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Enjoy premium patterns and printables

Join VIP Tribe membership for Premium Crochet amigurumi patterns and printables with Anvi's Granny Handicrafts
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Phew, done with 2021 sneak peeks. Are you excited as I am now? I can’t wait for 2021 to explore all the amazing upcoming events!

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