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10 Bernie Sanders Mittens crochet patterns

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After the historical inauguration day image of Bernie Sanders – the Vermont senator went viral all over the internet, showing him sitting on a chair, with his chunky knitted mittens, Tobey King – a crochet artist started a new trend among crocheters. The Bernie Sanders Mittens crochet doll created by Tobey was sold for more than $20,000 on eBay, inspired a lot of other crochet designers to get their own creations.

In this post, I will show you the best crochet patterns inspired by Bernie Sanders, not only crochet dolls, but also mittens, beanies, and even AirPods cover! 

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Bernie Sanders mittens crochet patterns
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In case you are new to amigurumi and crochet, check my Ultimate guide to amigurumi for beginners before you start to follow any crochet amigurumi patterns in this roundup.


You can watch the video for more details, and make sure that you subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more free patterns and events.


Tobey King's Bernie Mittens crochet doll

Bernie mittens doll

The first pattern, of course, the original Bernie Mitten doll from Tobey King. More than 30.000 copies have been sold since she published the cute doll patterns. You can find the pattern for the $20.000 doll and start crocheting the cute Bernie doll here.

pocket bernie doll amigurumi pattern by lulu love the moon

Pocket Bernie Sanders amigurumi doll

If you like the pocket doll version, Lulu Love the moon has an adorable small Bernie amigurumi for you to crochet. Fast and easy pattern to make.

Chibi Bernie crochet doll pattern by meow amigurumi


Among other skinny Bernie crochet doll patterns, that exactly recreate Bernie’s expression, the chibi version from Meow Amigurumi provides a different cute Bernie handmade doll.

Chibi Bernie Sander mittens amigurumi doll by ohana craft


This chibi Bernie Sanders doll is your best studio and desk buddy. He’s also a shelf sitter!

The pattern contains detailed step by step written instructions along with pictures tutorials to help you finish this project!

tall bernie sanders crochet doll pattern


This extra-large doll is 16″ tall and has floppy arms and legs and a flat bottom so he can sit on your shelf, your mantle, your shoulder, your Capitol steps, etc. This is quite possibly the easiest pattern so enjoy!

handcrafted bernie sanders mittens crochet tie backs doll

Crochet Bernie Sanders Curtain Tie Backs

A funny and practical way to crochet Bernie Sander doll, he will help you to keep the curtain tidy. Crochet your Bernie Sanders mitten meme as tie backs with Cottontail and Whisker’s detailed pattern.

airpods case bernie sanders crochet pattern


Gana Knit Toys had an interesting crochet pattern inspired by the old kind man that you can carry everywhere. Look at the adorable Bernie Airpods cover and make 1 for yourself.

Bernie mittens and beanie crochet patterns

Bernie Sanders mittens and beanie

Create the crochet version of Bernie Sanders mittens and a matching beanie!

These patterns are written for an adult size. The final mittens measure approx. 11″ long by 4.5″ wide. The beanie is worked from the bottom up and measures approx. 10″ wide at the base of the hat, 9″ tall, and 8.5″ across the crown.

bernie sander mittens and hat crochet patterns

Bernie Sander’s Mittens and Hat Crochet Pattern

Bernie Sander’s Mittens and matching Hat CROCHET patterns. Easy to follow chart/grid with colors, and written pattern for medium size mittens and hat.

Small, medium, and large sizes for mittens and adult size for hat.

Amber also has the video tutorial for the patterns.

small Bernie sanders mittens crochet keychain

Car charm Bernie Sanders mittens crochet

Wanna something simple and trendy inspired by Bernie Sanders? You will love this pattern from Gift Shop By Elene for the simplicity and flexibility. You can use the tiny mitten as a car charm, mobile charm, keychain, or even bookmark!

I hope you enjoy the roundup! Comment below and tell me which crochet Bernie Sanders pattern you love most in the post? Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group, or Instagram.

Lately, do not forget to check out upcoming events on my website on 2021 with full of joy and fun!

From Joy with love!

Crochet Bernie Mittens doll patterns
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