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Crochet Voodoo Doll Free Pattern: Halloween Spooky Bunny Amigurumi

Yahoo, October is here, may I introduce Bunvo – the cutest crochet voodoo doll with our easy Halloween rabbit free crochet pattern?

Halloween is always an exciting festival for both adults and children, let’s make this spooky season more special for you by making a creepy cute bunny crochet voodoo doll on your own.

voodoo bunny crochet pattern free for beginners

This easy-to-follow DIY Halloween amigurumi craft is designed for beginners, or busy crocheters when almost no sewing is required. Whether you’re a seasoned crochet enthusiast or a beginner eager to embark on your first Halloween-themed project, you’re in for a delightful journey.

crochet voodoo doll free pattern-2

Along with our other amigurumi Halloween free patterns, this zombie bunny crochet pattern is a good choice for you if you like a cuddle-size spooky rabbit plushie or a creative DIY Halloween decoration project.

no-sew Amigurumi Crochet Devil Pattern

As you see, Halloween amigurumi is one of my favorite topics to design. Like to make more spooky amigurumi? Try this easy-peasy mini amigurumi collection of Halloween amigurumi keychains or the pocket-size green alien.

spooky amigurumi crochet patterns

I hope you will enjoy crafting Bunvo- the crochet voodoo doll bunny as much as I do. And if you like him, try Anvisgranny’s Halloween Ruffle Collection – Vol1: Pumchy, Dark, Bunvo, which together make the best fall decorations for your house.

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Free stuff is cool, I love free stuff all the time. The free version of this crochet voodoo bunny doll pattern is enough for you to create a cute Bunvo – the Halloween zombie rabbit. But, of course, it comes with ads so I can afford to make this design free.

halloween rabbit and pumpkin free crochet pattern

Grabbing your ad-free, printable, and inexpensive PDF premium crochet voodoo doll pattern with a ton of tutorial photos is also a great option to ease your crochet journey and support our work.

I truly appreciate any of your purchases and support!

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Do you like free stuff? Who doesn’t, right? And I love to give free stuff! hehe!

Enjoy my Community Vault with a lot of seasonal printables that you can use to give with the amigurumi! Summer, Valentine’s, Halloween, Xmas. You will not be disappointed.

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  • DK yarn or worsted weight yarn (Some of my favorite yarns for amigurumi: Lion Brand, Jeans Yarnart, Red Heart)
  • 2.2-2.5mm hook for DK and 3.5-3.75mm for worsted weight yarn (My most used hooks: Tulip, Clover, Furls Crochet)
  • Yarn needle, tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Polyfill
  • Stitch marker
  • Safety eyes or embroidery thread
  • You also can consider getting the whole kit for beginners.

If you want to make bigger sizes of the amigurumi, simply follow this guide or use big yarn threads and hooks.

Amigurumi making material checklist Mockup (1)

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Kindly help us to spread the word – Crochet Voodoo Bunny Doll Free Pattern

free voodoo bunny crochet pattern-2


You might not use all the abbreviations in the amigurumi crochet pattern but I still want to show you all to refer to (US terms).

MR: magic ring

St/Sts: Stitch/Stitches

ss: slip stitch

ch: chain

X/sc: Single crochet

r-X/r-sc: reverse single crochet

T/hdc: half double crochet

F/dc: double crochet

E/tr : Triple crochet

p: Picot stitch (3ch, ss in the first st of the chain)

bo: bobble stitch 

fpsc:  front post single crochet

Crochet basic abbreviations conversions between US term, UK term, chart symbols, universal abbreviation and instruction how to crochet basic stitches

V/inc: Increase (make 2 sc in1 st)

A/dec: Decrease (2sc together)

W/3sc in same st : Increase 3 sc (make 3 sc in 1 st)

TV/hdcinc, FV/dcinc, EV/trinc: Increase with half double crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet

FO: Fasten off

BLO: Back loop only

FLO: Front loop only


Beginner. You need to know the basics of crocheting amigurumi.

In case you are new to amigurumi, check my Ultimate guide to amigurumi for beginners before you start to follow my patterns

Thank you for using this pattern online without copying or printing. The free version here is text-only with ads, which brings me some small financial support while you browse the pattern.

It’s an easy and FREE way to support me in designing more free crochet patterns. The PDF version is also available for you if you do not like ads.

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Let’s get started to crochet our Bunvo – the cutest crochet voodoo bunny this Halloween.

Make 1 bunny ear in skin yarn and 1 in mustard yarn.

1) MR 6sc (6)

2) 6inc (12)

3) 12sc (12)

4) (sc, inc)*6 (18) 

5) (2sc, inc)*6 (24) 

6) (3sc, inc)*6 (30) 

7) (4sc, inc)*6 (36) 

easy halloween rabbit crochet pattern - how to make ears

8-16) 36sc (36)

17) (16sc, dec) *2 (34) 

18) (15sc, dec) *2 (32) 

19) (14sc, dec) *2 (30) 

20) (13sc, dec) *2 (28) 

21) (12sc, dec) *2 (26) 

22) (11sc, dec) *2 (24)

23) (10sc, dec) *2 (22) 

24) (9sc, dec) *2 (20) 

25) Fold the ear in half, crochet 2 opposite sts together 10sc (10)

26)  Fold the ear in half, crochet 2 opposite sts together 5sc (5)

FO. Leave a long yarn tail to sew.


I designed this Halloween bunny following no-sew amigurumi skill, so we should make the arms in advance. Later, we will attach the arms directly to the body without sewing them.

Skin yarn.

no sew halloween crochet rabbit amigurumi pattern

1) MR 6sc (6)

2) 6inc (12)

3) 12sc (12)

Change to mustard yarn

4-8) 12sc (12)

9) (dec, 4sc)* 2 (10)

10-15) 10sc (10)

Do not stuff the arms, fold in half and crochet through 2 opposite sts 4sc (4)

FO. Hide the yarn tail.


Congratulations, the 2 attached parts are done. Let’s start making the legs!

Mustard yarn.

1) MR 7sc (7)

2) 7inc (14) 

3) 14sc 

4) (inc, 6sc)*2 (16) 

5-8) 16sc

9) (inc, 7sc)*2 (18) 


Repeat with the second leg. After finishing row 9, do not cut the yarn, we will join 2 legs in row 10.

free voodoo bunny crochet pattern


BODY – DIY Halloween Rabbit Crochet Voodoo Doll

This step is a little bit challenging when we join 2 legs of the zombie bunny amigurumi. But do not worry, follow our instructions and you will be master soon.

Mustard yarn

10) 3ch, 18sc (leg 1), 3sc (in one side of the chain), 18sc (leg 2), 3sc (in the other side of the chain) (42)

11) (6sc, inc)*6 (48)

12) 48sc (48)

13) (3sc, inc)*12 (60)

14-16) 60sc (60)

how to crochet a Halloween Creepy Rabbit Amigurumi Body

17) (13sc, dec)*4 (56)

18) 56sc (56)

19) (12sc, dec)*4 (52)

20) 52sc (52)

21) (11sc, dec)*4 (48)

22) 48sc (48)

23) (6sc,dec)*6 (42)

24) 42sc (42)

25) (5sc,dec)*6 (36)

26) 36sc (36)

27) (4sc,dec)*6 (30)

28) 30sc (30)

We will attach the arms to body in the next row

29) 8sc, (4sc through arm and body), 11sc, (4sc through arm and body), 3sc (30) 

FO. Cut the yarn tail. Stuff the body a little bit. 

HEAD – crochet voodoo doll pattern free

Well done! We have covered almost 70% of the process of making a crochet voodoo doll bunny.

Skin yarn

Insert the yarn at the last stitch of the body.

1) 30sc (30)

2) (4sc, inc)* 6 (36)

3) (5sc, inc)* 6 (42)

4) (6sc, inc)* 6 (48)

5) (7sc, inc)* 6 (54)

6) (8sc, inc)* 6 (60)

7) (9sc, inc)* 6 (66)

8) (10sc, inc)* 6 (72)

9-16) 72sc (72)

Stuff again the body firmly.

free spooky crochet patterns

17) (10sc, dec)* 6 (66)

18) (9sc, dec)*6 (60)

19) (8sc, dec)*6 (54)

20) (7sc, dec)*6 (48)

21) (6sc, dec)*6 (42)

22) (5sc, dec)*6 (36)

23) (4sc,dec)*6 (30)

Insert eyes at rows 12-13, 18 sts apart. Stuff the head of the crochet voodoo doll, and focus on the part between the body and head to avoid a floppy neck. 

24) (3sc, dec)*6 ( 24)

25) (2sc, dec)* 6 (18)

26) (sc, dec)*6 (12)

27) 6dec (6)

amigurumi devil free pattern

EYE – Amigurumi Crochet Voodoo Doll Free Pattern

Black yarn

1) MR 6sc (6)

2) 6sc (6)

3) 6inc (12)

4-5) 12sc (12)

6) (sc, inc)*6 (18)

7-8) 18sc (18)

9) (2sc, inc)*6 (24)

10-12) 24sc (24)

FO. Leave a long tail to sew. 

zombie bunny crochet pattern-2

Scarf – Crochet Voodoo Doll Halloween Amigurumi for Beginners

Red yarn (Work by rows this part).

1)MR 6sc, ss to join the circle (to form the button), 37ch, ss at the 7th st from hook to form the buttonhole, 2ch 

2) Crochet from the 30th ch to the 1st ch of the chain 30dcinc, turn, 3ch (60)

3) (dc, dcinc)*30, turn, 3ch (90)

4) 90dc (90)

FO. Weave the yarn tail. I have a Youtube video for this removable scarf. Check it out for more clearance. 

free voodoo doll crochet pattern for a removable scarf

HEART – Halloween Voodoo Bunny Crochet Pattern

A voodoo bunny can’t not be scary without a heart popping outside of its body.

Red yarn.

1) MR 6sc (6)

2) (hdc, dc,hdc) in the first st, 2ss, (2ch, ss at the first ch), 2ss, (hdc 2dc, hdc) at the last st. SS to join the round. 

FO. Hide the yarn tail.

FINISHING – Easy Halloween rabbit crochet pattern

I know that the sewing task is always a pain point for any amigurumi maker. Trust me, me too! That’s why in this pattern we do not need to sew anything except for the horns and decorate the face.

Let’s finish your cutest spooky Halloween amigurumi rabbit! 

  • Sew the crochet eye to the face. Embroider with orange yarn.
  • Use black yarn or crochet thread to decorate the eyes, mouth, eyebrow, scars on the face, ears and left leg, and attack the heart to the body.
  • Put on the scarf.
crochet voodoo doll free pattern


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Such a wonderful feeling to see the beautiful crochet voodoo doll that you make from our free voodoo bunny crochet pattern. Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group and tag me @anvisgranny anytime you post your photo on social media.

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