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Free Amigurumi Bull Pattern – Valentine crochet gift

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2021 is coming, let’s crochet an amigurumi bull with a heart for the New Year and Valentine. Ox is a Chinese (or Vietnamese) zodiac animal that presents for hardworking and truthfulness. This free amigurumi bull pattern will walk you through all the steps to crochet an amigurumi bull/amigurumi ox on your own. The pattern is simple to follow and you can crochet the tiny adorable Chinese zodiac ox amigurumi within 2 hours. The perfect gift for 2021 New Year and Valentine. Let’s crochet an adorable crochet bull in love for your lover this Valentine!

free amigurumi bull pattern for Valentine - ox keychain amigurumi free pattern for beginners
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Materials and tools

  • DK yarn in brown, pink, and red
  • 6mm safety eyes
  • 2.5mm hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Polyfill
  • Stitch marker
free amigurumi bull pattern for Valentine - ox keychain amigurumi free pattern for beginners
free amigurumi bull pattern for Valentine - ox keychain amigurumi free pattern for beginners
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AMIGURUMI BULL – EARS (Make 2) Brown yarn

1)MR 6X (6)

2)(X, V)*3 (9)

3) (2X, V)*3 (12)

4-6) 12X (12)

7) (2X, A)*3 (9)

8) Fold in half, crochet through 2 opposite sts 4X (4)

9) Fold in half, crochet through 2 opposite sts 2X (2)

AMIGURUMI BULL – ARMS (Make 2) Brown yarn 

1)MR 6X (6)

2-6) 6X (6)

7) fold in half, crochet through both opposite sts 2X (2)

FO. Hide the yarn tail

HORNS (Make 2) Light Pink yarn

1)2CH, crochet at the first chain 4X (4)

2) V, 3X (5)

3) V, 4X (6)

4) V, 5X (7)

5) V, 6X (8)

6) V, 7X (9)

FO. Leave a long yarn tail to sew

LEGS (Make 2) Brown yarn 

1)MR 6X (6)

2) 6V (12)

3-5) 12X (12)

Do not cut the yarn of the second leg, continue to join 2 legs together

BODY Brown yarn 

6) 2CH to join the leg, 12X at the first leg, 2X on the chain, 12X at the second leg, 2X at the other side of the chain (28)

7) (13X, V)*2 (30)

8-9) 30X (30)

Change to light pink yarn

10) BLO 30X (30)

11-12) 30X (30)

13) (3X, A)*6 (24)

14) (2X, A)*6 (18)

15) 3X (body), 2X through both body and arm,  7X (body), 2X through both body and arm, 4X (body) (18)

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HEAD Brown yarn

16) (2X, V) *6 (24)

17) (3X, V) *6 (30)

18) (4X, V) *6 (36)

19-24) 36X (36)

25) (4X, A) *6 (30)

26) 3X, A, 2X (body) 2X through head and ear, A, (3, A)*2, X (body) 2X through head and ear, A, 3X, A (body) (24)

27) (2X, A)*6(18)

Insert eyes at row 22-23, 6sts apart

28) (X, A)*6 (12)

29) 6A (6)

FO. Use a yarn needle to close the opening

NOSE Pink yarn

MR 8X (8)

FO. Leave a long tail to sew

SUSPENDER Brown yarn

Insert yarn at row 8 on the body

8) FLO 30SS (30)

SS to join the round. 12CH. FO. Leave a very long tail

Sew at the front point of the suspender. 

Use a yarn needle to shift the yarn to another point of the suspender. Then crochet 12CH. FO. Sew to the body.

HEART Red yarn

MR T, 2F, 3CH, SS to MR, 3CH, 2F, T, SS to join the round. 

FO. Leave a yarn tail to sew.

Congratulations! You have done crocheting the adorable amigurumi bull with my beginner-friendly free pattern.

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From Joy with love!

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