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No-sew Axolotl Donut Amigurumi Crochet Pattern


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Step by step PDF Crochet Pattern of Axolotl Donut Amigurumi Toys for beginners


This cute amigurumi axolotl donut crochet pattern is for beginners with easy step-by-step instructions and photo tutorials that can help you to finish an axolotl plush crochet toy within a few hours. Learning how to crochet the kawaii axolotl amigurumi and how to crochet donut amigurumi is never easy like this.

The crochet axolotl donut amigurumi pattern is easy amigurumi crochet and quick make, which means it is a great choice for yarn stash-busting or last-minute gift-giving crochet ideas. Especially, no-sew is required to finish the cute crochet axolotl donut! I hope among other crochet food amigurumi designs, you will love and enjoy crocheting a yummy and adorable salamander donut amigurumi.

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You will receive a PDF digital file with a simple crochet description and crochet step-by-step photo tutorial to help you to crochet the kawaii axolotl donut crochet food


Copyright 2021 of Anvi”s Granny Handicrafts. All rights reserved. You are not allowed to sell this pattern, alter this pattern in any way and sell it as your own, distribute or publish this pattern in any form!

SECURITY ALERT: I only sell my patterns on Etsy, Ravelry, my website, and If you get free PDF patterns from somewhere, please delete them immediately for your sake. Because there are bad people who use free download patterns with harmful code (malware) to steal your personal information and might lead to your financial loss or bad reputation. And I have no money from those thieves selling my patterns illegally.

You can sell items made from this pattern, provided that they are handmade by yourself and you give credit to the designer. Please add the following lines to your item description and any item you are selling: “Crochet pattern by @anvisgranny. You can use the hashtag #anvisgranny on social media to being featured on my pages.


This pattern is made for those, who know the basics of amigurumi.

Skill level: Beginners – If you want to learn from scratch, you can check out my Amigurumi basic class on Youtube or here on this website.

ABBREVIATION (symbols, US term)
MR: magic ring
CH: chain
X: Single crochet
T: half double crochet
F: double crochet
E: Triple crochet
V: Increase (make 2 stitches from 1 stitch)
A: Decrease (make 1 stitch from 2 stitches)
W: Increase 2 (make 3 stitches from 1 stitch)
TV, FV, EV: Increase with half double crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet
SS: slip stitch
FO: Fasten off
BLO: Back loop only
FLO: Front loop only
St/Sts: Stitch/Stitches
Full finished height is 10 cm


– Yarn: Sport or DK lightweight yarn. ( I used double- strands of 1mm cotton yarn)
– Hook: 2,5mm

Thank you for buying the pattern and hope to see you soon!
Hope you will enjoy the Donut Axolotl Crochet Amigurumi Pattern.  Do not forget to check out my shop for other simple and adorable patterns.


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