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30+ Cute and Magical Amigurumi Fantasy Patterns to Crochet

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Hello guys how are you? It’s June, we are already halfway through 2022, can you believe it? Because I certainly can’t. Also, you know what I’ve got for you today, right? Because I’ve brought yet another super cute and this time super magical pattern round-up for you all and it’s related to the amigurumi fantasy characters’ pattern.

So, this month I’ve planned various mystical amigurumi fantasy-themed crochet patterns for you and your loved ones. This round-up contains more than 30 patterns to choose from. This roundup mentions both free and premium patterns all related to fantasy amigurumi crochet pattern designs from 30 world-class amigurumi designers including myself.

With the help of these amigurumi fantasy patterns, you can crochet several quick and easy mystical and magical toys such as Starfish amigurumi pattern, mermaid amigurumi pattern, dragon fantasy amigurumi, Unicorn fantasy amigurumi, and much more.

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Amigurumi fantasy pdf patterns toys to crochet


Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys
Cuddles the Cupid by Eweknitss

PREMIUM – This is Cuddles the Cupid. He loves to shoot arrows for fun! He might use it for you and your pet if he is in the mood! He loves to watch the sunset and spends most of the day eating his favorite snacks.

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys pdf
Magical Narwhal by Anvisgranny

PREMIUM – The little Narwhal with a magical tattoo is a fun project to crochet to burst your yarn stash. The magical tattoo allows him to bring joy to any friend of his.

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys
Laci the Banana Split Snail by Knot Bad Crochet

PREMIUM – This fun mix-up of ice cream and a banana snail is the perfect way to bring in the Summer!

Amigurumi fantasy patterns to crochet
Ed the Kraken by Wayward Pineapple Creations

PREMIUM – Ed the Kraken was once the most fearsome beast of the sea, his giant tentacles capable of tearing apart even the largest of ships. These days, though, he mostly just wants to hang out by his favorite lighthouse and enjoy some peace and quiet. Even sea monsters need a break sometimes!

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys
Little Dragon by Fayni_toys

PREMIUM – The dragon turns out to be incredibly cute, you will fall in love with these eyes at first sight. The toy can stand on its own, if desired, a wireframe can be added to the arms so that they bend. In the pattern, you will find 15 pages of the detailed step-by-step description in the pdf format, more than 40 photos, and 5 links to videos of assembly and decoration

Amigurumi fantasy patterns to crochet
Tilda the Toadstool by Stella’s Yarn Universe

PREMIUM – Tilda the Toadstool is a fun amigurumi crochet pattern for improving beginners, intermediate and seasoned crocheters! This is an almost no-sew pattern. The only sewing that’s required is for the scales on the cap and the rosy cheeks. In this pattern, you also learn how to use the surface slip stitch method for the fern leaves on Tilda’s stalk.
She will make an enchanting addition to your amigurumi collection!

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys pdf
Genie by
Blue Rabbit Toys

PREMIUM – Personal Genie? Why not? Make your wishes come true!

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys to crochet
Peridot (August Birthstone Fairy) by Poppy Crochet Design

PREMIUM – It can be a lucky charm for those who were born in August

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys pdf
Cleo the Mermaid by @seynooodesign

PREMIUM – Cleo is a cheerful mermaid with a gorgeous tail, hair, and colors. You’ll enjoy crocheting her.

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys
Blue Bell the Magical Bunny by Lemon Yarn Creations

PREMIUM – Blue Bell is a very special bunny, she was born from the bud of a bluebell flower and not only did she take on its name, but she also decided to become its guardian.

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys pdf
Mermaid by

PREMIUM – This mermaid doll crochet pattern is a great project if you want to create a charming amigurumi doll. This mermaid figurine can be a great gift for a mermaid birthday and for sure will be a true friend for your little princess.

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys
Bear and She-Bear by Mishinsy

PREMIUM – This crochet pattern will help you to make cute amigurumi bears. This file includes detailed instructions of step by step with pictures.
The pattern includes bear and she-bear instructions “2 in 1”
Also includes a description of the bag for the she-bear.
The pattern comes in an ENGLISH pdf file.
Size: The Bears is about 25cm tall

Amigurumi fantasy patterns to crochet
Fable The Frog by Stitching with Sab

PREMIUM – Learn to crochet the perfect cottagecore frog plushie!

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys
Iris the Unicorn
by CB Makes

PREMIUM – Iris is a cute and cuddly, chubby Unicorn waiting for squishes and wishes.

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys
Dirk, the Friendly Dragon by Ienies Amigurumi

PREMIUM – What more screams fantasy than a dragon! Don’t worry he is a friendly one!

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys to crochet
Dwarf by
Pocket Yarnlings

PREMIUM – Crochet this seamless and quick mini dwarf to gift to the fantasy fan in your life!

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys
Ayla the Mini Mermaid by Chai Coffee Crochet

FREE – Ayla the mini mermaid is only 4.5 inches tall and is a quick yet adorable mermaid doll.

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys to crochet
Claude the Cloud by Roxy’s Crochet

PREMIUM – Claude the Cloud is the fluffiest cloud ever. Use as an accessory or for a baby mobilé!

Amigurumi fantasy patterns to crochet
Tiny Mermaid by The Wandering Deer

PREMIUM – No-sew, super quick to make these tiny and cute mermaids

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys
Mini unicorn amigurumi
by Mohu

PREMIUM – This unicorn is quick, easy, and super cute

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys to crochet
Catterfly by One Little Ragdoll

Shy cat dressing up as butterfly

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys pdf
Romanticat and Pappi Love by Amiguriguri

PREMIUM – A beginner-friendly crochet pattern for making cute romantic dog and cat couple who loves to fly and spread love. A perfect project if you want to make something quick and easy.

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys
Sandy The Sweet Mermaid by Lululoop Crochet

PREMIUM – Sandy is a little mermaid who lives in the sea with her friends, loves to sunbathe, play hide inside some clam, and sing

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys
Mini Magical Creatures Ragdoll Loveys by Darling Maple Designs

PREMIUM – Little hands will love exploring and cuddling with these textured cuties. The Unicorn and Dragon Mini Ragdoll Loveys work up quickly and easily, making them perfect for baby showers and craft tables.

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys
Hatching Dragon Egg by Hooked by Kati

FREE – This hatching dragon is not quite ready to face the world, but his tail just won’t fit in his egg anymore, and a claw is all he is brave enough to stretch out of his safe little egg.

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys
Super Bear by Hidden Crochet World

PREMIUM – This cute, small super bear is perfect to hang on a key chain or on a backpack 🙂 He is always helping out with your challenges!

Amigurumi fantasy patterns to crochet
Woodland Leaf Fairy by Sweet Softies

FREE – The Woodland Leaf Fairy is a sweet, little pixie. She wears a beautiful flower crown and loves to bring joy to all those around her!

Crochet fantasy amigurumi patterns toys
Isla the Adventurous Mermaid by Creative Snugglies Designs

Meet Isla our Mermaid! She is ready to go on any adventure with a child! She is sure to delight any little girl who just loves mermaids. My daughter Bella just had to have her the second I finished her! I believe she will bring delight, fun, and adventure to your little girl!

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys to crochet
George the Rebel Monster by Ringbeller

PREMIUM – George is an ecologist. He does not use plastic, composts food scraps, hands down or donates his clothes, and does not buy anything unnecessarily. He has recently been taking to the streets with thousands of other rebels in order to demand climate and ecological justice. He is going to an eco-friendly Halloween party tonight. That’s why he crocheted himself a party hat and a scarf. He doesn’t want his costume to end up in landfills when he knows for sure that our planet is on fire.

Amigurumi fantasy patterns toys
Boonicorn Cuddler by My Fingers Fly

PREMIUM – Don’t be sad – unicorns never really pass away. They turn into Boonicorns! This adorable crochet pattern makes the perfect Halloween gift for unicorn lovers. This easy pattern works up quickly using worsted yarn. Customize flower colors to make a truly unique design.

amigurumi crochet mermaids
Amigurumi Mini Mermaid by Crafty Kitty Crochet

FREE – These magical mini mermaids are the perfect fast, cute, fantasy amigurumi project! Make them in a variety of colors and textures – they make excellent gifts, decor, or even party favors!

Amigurumi fantasy patterns to crochet
The hungry monster by
Tulip Yarn

PREMIUM – This cute monster pattern is beginner-friendly, full of detailed well explained instructions as well as a lot of step-by-step pictures to guide you and help you make your amigurumi.

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I hope you enjoy this round-up of Fantasy crochet amigurumi patterns! Comment below and tell me which animal amigurumi crochet toy pattern you love most at the event? Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group, And don’t forget to tag me @anvisgranny and the author of the pattern, with the hashtag #amisuperpack on your social media photos to get the chance to be featured on my account.


Amigurumi fantasy pdf patterns toys to crochet
Amigurumi fantasy pdf patterns toys to crochet

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