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Movable head for amigurumi crochet toys

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Have you ever seen any amigurumi with a movable head and wondered how to make your crochet toy’s head turn? There are so many ways to attach the head to the body so that the head can be turnable. But today I will show you a simple method that you don’t need buttons, acrylic eyes, or teddy bear joints. Just simply use thread and needle and an easy – peasy head-joining technique!

Moveable head for amigurumi crochet toys
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Where did I use this technique of adding movable head for crochet toys?

Honestly, I am obsessed with designing amigurumi with new techniques. If you have already known me, you can see through my designs there are quite a lot of different crochet techniques. This was the first experiment with the moveable-head that I applied to the Fatyo – Green Alien Cupid amigurumi pattern last Valentine (You can find the pattern of Fatyo here). I also used another method of movable (or removable head) in another amigurumi doll pattern: the Ladybug Ballerina doll. In that method, the head of the doll can turn around and even be removed from the body.

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Is it hard to make your amigurumi head turn?

Do you think it is quite difficult to create a movable head with a turnable neck? I used to think like that until I found out these 5 steps to turn your normal amigurumi into a head-movable amigurumi.

Firstly, add some more rows to the neck of the doll or animal that you are working on, stuff the neck firmly so that it forms a perfect shape.

Then, just follow these 5 steps to attach the head into the body of the crochet amigurumi

Step by step on how to attach an amigurumi movable head

How to attach a movable head for crochet toys with thread

Use the yarn tail of the neck, insert the yarn from the neck to the center of the head from below

Insert the needle at the next stitch to the current position, pull back the yarn to below of the head

Pull the yarn across the neck

Repeat step 1-3

Slowly tighten the yarn so that the neck will be inside the head properly

Tada! Done! Now your doll is ready to move around with its tiny head!

5 simple steps to attach an amigurumi movable head
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Watch the video tutorial here if you prefer a visual one!

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