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Multifunctional Face Mask Strap Ear Saver Free Crochet Pattern

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If you are like me or my children, you need to find your face mask all the time. Let’s learn to crochet the multifunctional face mask straps with this easy step-by-step ear saver free crochet pattern and video tutorial. They can be used as face mask extenders, adjustable ear savers for face masks, or just simply a styled bracelet. The simple crochet mask connectors are perfect for donating to essential workers or anyone who has to wear a face mask for extended periods of time to keep the mask in place and being comfortable.

ear saver free crochet pattern
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The ear saver free crochet pattern is very easy to follow and you can wrap up the adjustable crochet mask strap holder quickly in 15 minutes even you are a beginner. I know there are so many ear saver crochet patterns out there, but I hope you will love my multifunctional mask strap free crochet pattern as much as I do.

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Materials and tools

  • DK yarn in any color
  • 2.5mm hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Polyfill
  • Stitch marker


Free 15 minutes ear saver for mask free crochet pattern and video tutorial
Free 15 minutes  mask ear saver free crochet pattern and video tutorial


1) MR 6X (6)

2) 6V (12)

3-4) 12X (12)

5) 6A (6)

Stuff the ball a bit

6) Fold in half, 2X through opposite sts. Turn, Continue to the string


5CH, E to create the hole, turn. Each hole is equal to 2.5mm. Depending on your yarn and hook, measure the hole and repeat this step until you have the right length for the string (long enough for being used as a mask holder on the neck)

I calculated for you already but it is an adjustable ear saver and mask holder so the length doesn’t really matter. 

SizeLength (cm)Numbers of holes
1-10 years old125
Adult 25-3010-12


1) 2CH, crochet at the first st 6X (6)

2) 6V (12)

3-4) 12X (12)

5) 6A (6)

Stuff the ball a bit

FO. Use the yarn needle to close the opening and tie the ball to the string properly


There are several ways that you can use this multiple functional and adjustable ear saver

  1. Use it  as an adjustable ear saver
  2. When you are not wearing a mask, use it as a mask holder. Hereafter you don’t need to worry about losing marks. It is super helpful for kids.
  3. Use it as a bracelet
Free No-sew Multifunctional and adjustable face mask strap holder crochet pattern

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