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Roly-Poly Crochet Chubby Tiger Amigurumi Pattern

Let’s crochet a cute roly-poly chubby tiger amigurumi. Hello everyone, how are you all? It’s already a month in 2022 can you believe that? Aaahh how times just fly by *sigh*. Anyway, this month with the Lunar New Year of Tiger, I’ve got you covered with another amazing zodiac amigurumi pattern design: Jack – the Roly Poly Tiger crochet pattern.

This Tiger amigurumi crochet pattern is super cute and not so hard to make. It’s no-sew with more than 40 detailed tutorial photos to make your crocheting experience as easy as possible. This small tiger crochet pattern comes with step-by-step crochet instructions so honestly even beginners can give it a try.

This cute and chubby crochet roly-poly tiger pattern will be loved by your little ones. This amigurumi cute tiger pattern toy will be fun and a very thoughtful gift as a birthday present for anyone who loves and tiger, or a great new year present for the tiger years.


crochet amigurumi roly poly tiger pattern



Jack – the chubby tiger amigurumi is the 2nd design inside a cool collection named “Roly-Poly Mystery Collection” – a year-long collaboration between Anvi’s Granny and Hooked by Kati. The coolest thing: all the patterns are no-sew amigurumi designs, which are great for busy crocheters who don’t want to struggle with sewing tasks.

And like the name of the collection, you don’t know which animals will be there There are some real animals and some fantasy creatures, but I promise, they are all cute and fun to crochet!

Each month, on the first Friday of the month, a new pattern will be released! I am so excited to show you all the fabulous animals and even more excited to see your makes from the patterns.

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Amigurumi crochet tiger8


This month’s mystery animal – Jack the tiger, was designed by me – Joy of Anvi’s Granny.

Yup, the chubby tiger amigurumi animal crochet pattern is a no-sew crochet project, isn’t it cool? With this pattern, the first time I explored a new way to join the limbs without any sewing required. Yeap, I did it!

Why the crocheted tiger is in the list of Roly Poly? For me, while I chose the animals to crochet, I kept my eyes on the holiday as well, and Jack – the amigurumi Tiger is just perfect to say hello to the Lunar New Year of Tiger.

Enjoy the year of the tiger and be mightly and charming as a tiger! I hope you will crochet Jack and his year!

And as a print-friendly version with text-only and photos separately arranged on different pages, you could easily choose to print the crochet instruction to save the ink, or crochet along with more than 40 tutorial photos. Who is the fan of no-sew amigurumi, raise your hands and comment below to let me know.

UPDATED: Earlier, the Roly-Poly collection is only in paid version, but we have got so many emails saying that they love our collection but can’t afford the premium ones. With the heart of designers, we want more and more people can crochet with us! So, from this month, we have decided that all the patterns in the Roly Poly Mystery will be FREE FOREVER on our blogs, along with other options like premium patterns with launching discount or Bundle at a saving price.

You can find all other released patterns here


Not a fan of browsing webpage with many advertisements while crocheting (it is how we make money while offering the free versions)? You would leverage your crochet experience with the PDF premium pattern

premium pattern for a chubby crochet amigurumi tiger toy

The absolute no-sew ad-free, premium, printable PDF pattern of the Roly-Poly Tiger amigurumi toy with more than 40 step-by-step tutorial photos is here in all my shops. The easy-to-follow, detailed crochet instruction helps you to crochet this adorable Tiger toy even you are a beginner.

You can get the Roly-Poly Tiger pattern for only $5 instead of the normal price of $6 during the release month on Ravelry and my website shop and a 15% discount on Etsy shop.

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Roly Poly Mystery Amigurumi Collection

Have an interest in getting individual patterns in the Collection? No worries, we’ve also got you covered. Find each pattern review and links to shop here.

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crochet amigurumi roly poly tiger

And yes, as usual, shout out to my talented tester, Lian from Lian2807. With her help, I have finished the Roly Poly Tiger amigurumi pattern the way I want him to be.

How does the tiger amigurumi of Lian look like?

If you wanna crochet Jack now, get the premium PDF pattern here.

crochet amigurumi roly poly tiger
crochet amigurumi roly poly tiger

Materials and tools

Medium/Worsted weight yarn (I used 3 strands of 1mm cotton yarn) in orange, black and white

3.5mm hook (I use Furls Crochet hook)

Yarn needle, scissors, polyfill, stitch marker

Embroidery thread in black (or 1 strand of 1mm yarn)


Intermediate but if you are a beginner and love to try, go ahead!

In case you are new to amigurumi, check my Ultimate guide to amigurumi for beginners before you start to follow my patterns.

Some techniques that you need in this project:

Make Magic Ring (MR)

Basic crochet stitches for amigurumi

Increase and invisible decrease crochet

How to crochet with multiple strands from one yarn ball

How to change colors


crochet amigurumi roly poly tiger

BEHIND LEGS (Make 2) – free amigurumi cute tiger pattern

Black yarn

1) MR, 6sc (6)

2) 6inc (12)

Change to orange yarn

3-4) 12sc (12) 

Black yarn 

5-6) 12sc (12)

Orange yarn 

7-8) 12sc (12)

Black yarn

9-10) 12sc (12)

Stuff the leg a little bit. 

11) 3sc, fold into half, crochet through 2 opposite sts 5sc (5)

FO. Hide the yarn tail. 

FRONT LEGS (Make 2) – amigurumi cute tiger free pattern

Black yarn

1) MR, 6sc (6)

2-4) 6sc (6)

5) Fold into half, crochet through 2 opposite sts 2sc (2)

FO. Hide the yarn tail.

TAIL – little cute tiger amigurumi crochet pattern

Black yarn

1) MR, 6sc (6)

2) 6sc (6)

Change to orange yarn

3-4) 6sc (6) 

Black yarn 

5-6) 6sc (6)

Orange yarn 

7-8) 6sc (6)

Black yarn

9-10) 6sc (6)

Orange yarn 

11-12) 6sc (6)

Black yarn

13-14) 6sc (6)

Stuff the leg a little bit. 

15) Fold into half, crochet through 2 opposite sts 3sc (3)

FO. Hide the yarn tail.

Wanna print this pattern? Or detailed photos?

EARS (Make 2) – Amigurumi crochet tiger free

Black yarn

1) MR, 6sc (6)

2) 6inc (12)

Orange yarn

3-5) 12sc (12)

Ear 1: FO. Cut the yarn.

Ear 2: Do not cut the yarn and continue to the head.

HEAD – small tiger free crochet pattern

Orange yarn

Connect ear 2 to ear 1

1) 3ch, 12sc in ear 1, 3sc on 1 side of the chain, 12sc in ear 2, 3sc on the other side of the chain (30)

2) 30sc (30)

3) (14sc, Inc)*2 (32)

4) (15sc, Inc)*2 (34)

5) 16sc, Inc)*2 (36)

4-7) 36sc (36) 

White yarn

8-10) 36sc (36)

11) (4sc, dec)*6 (30)

12) (3sc, dec)*6 (24)13) 24sc (24)
Do not cut the yarn and continue to the body.


Orange  yarn

1) (3sc, inc)*6 (30)

2) 30sc (30)

3) 6sc, (2sc, inc)*6, 6sc (36)

4) 6sc, (3sc, inc)*6, 6sc (42)

5) 15sc, 2sc through both sts of front leg and body, 8sc, 2sc through both sts of front leg and body, 15sc (42)

6) 9sc, (3sc, inc)*6, 9sc (48)

7) 9sc, (4sc, inc)*6, 9sc (54)

8) 10sc, (5sc, inc)*6, 8sc (60)

Orange yarn in normal text, white yarn in red text

9) 27sc, 6sc, 27sc (60)

10) 26sc, 8sc, 26sc (60)

11) 25sc, 10sc, 25sc (60)

12-13) 24sc, 12sc, 24sc (60)

14) as R11

Join the behind legs to the body in the next rounds. 

15) 14sc, 1sc through the first st of Leg 1 and body, 11sc,  8sc, 11sc, 1sc through the last st of Leg 2 and body, 14sc (60)

16) 14sc, 1sc through the 2nd st of Leg 1 and body, 12sc,  6sc, 12sc, 1sc through the 2nd last st of Leg 2 and body, 14sc (60)

Cut the white yarn

17)  14sc, 1sc through the 3rd st of Leg 1 and body, 30sc, 1sc through the 3rd last st of Leg 2 and body, 14sc (60)

18) 9sc, dec, 4sc, 1sc through the 2nd last st of Leg 1 and body, sc, (dec, 5sc)*4, sc, 1sc through the 2nd st of Leg 2 and body, dec, 12sc (54)

19) 13sc, 1sc through the last st of Leg 1 and body,(dec, 2sc)*6, 2sc, 1sc through the 1st of Leg 2 and body, 13sc (48)

Join the tail to the body in the next round. 

20) 3sc through the tail and body, 45sc (48)

21) BLO (4sc, dec)*8 (40)

22) (3sc, dec)*8 (32)

23) (2sc, dec)*8 (24)

24) (sc, dec)*8 (16)

25) 8dec (8)

FO. Use a yarn needle to close the opening.


I am looking forward to seeing your makes from our Roly Poly Mystery Collection. Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group and tag me @anvisgranny and @hookedbykati anytime you post your photo on social media.

If you like my amigurumi design, do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter, my Youtube Channel to stay updated about new patterns or crochet tips, sales, and other promotions. Be my friend on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook.  Any subs, like, comment from you means a lot to me and my small design career!

From Joy with love!

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