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20+ Best crochet patterns for Parents’ gifts in 2022

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parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf

20+ Best crochet patterns for Mother’s and Father’s Days

Hello, again! How are you all? I hope you’re doing fine. So today let me introduce you to some parents’ crochet patterns. If you are looking around for Parents’ crochet patterns, stop doing this, because I have everything you need here.

Find your favorite parents’ crochet patterns to crochet for your beloved mother and father from the huge collection! The parents’ crochet designs vary from cute crochet hand warmers patterns, and modern crochet scarf patterns, to crochet dolls patterns! A lot of choices for you to crochet!

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parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf


parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 1 – Rama and Sita by Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts

The story of Rama and Sita is an incredibly significant tale from the Hindu religion, and, more specifically, the festival of light, otherwise known as Diwali. Rama and Sita amigurumi toys are great gifts to your parents as the symbol of their love and life partnership.

caterpillar and butterfly amigurumi toy pattern
Day 2- Butterfly & Caterpillar by
Wayward Pineapple Creations

The rainbow butterfly is a very proud parent, and the baby caterpillar can’t wait to grow up and turn into a beautiful rainbow butterfly too! Whether you are celebrating your Pride or you simply love rainbows, this cute butterfly & caterpillar set is a perfect gift for the parents and babies in our lives.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 3 – Rick Rack Cup Cozy by Wheat State Wool Co

Unique cup cozy that looks like rickrack! Fits most to-go cups and even ice cream tubs!

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 4 – Carma Crunchy Cap by BeeOutrageous

It’s a beautifully textured unisex cap that is crocheted with 2 strands of acrylic yarn. Comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 4 – Easy Brezzy Pocket Cowl by Fosbas Designs

How about a neck warmer with pockets? You can keep small valuables in this cute croche cowl. This comes handy always.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 5 – Timeless scarf by Malloo

Are you in great need of an easy crochet scarf that will keep you warm, plus stylish? Well, look no further! I’ve got the perfect pattern for you. A simple scarf, two colors, and just double crochet stitches.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 6 – Peacock Bird by Planet Piu

The whole world admires the beautiful tails of peacocks. But do you know that a peacock only shows his tail in front of his lover? A couple of peacocks and peahen amigurumi are great gifts for your parents to show their love to them

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 7 – Crochet Butterfly by Chai Coffee Crochet

This sweet little butterfly could make a cute keychain for your parents – or anyone for that matter! This pattern works up really quickly – in under an hour – and is the perfect last-minute gift. Plus, it’s a great stash-busting project!

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 8 – Mother’s Day Cactus by Sweet Softies

Crochet a sweet Parent and Baby cactus pair, sitting happily in a shared pot of soil. This loving amigurumi will brighten anyone’s day, and is perfect for gift-giving!

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 9 – Ashlea Mitts by Frankie Kate

Ashlea Mitts are textured, of course, very stylish and so quick to crochet. With their simple construction, they would be a fantastic last-minute crochet gift or a charity project! It will take you no more than two or three hours and less than a skein of yarn to make them! What a fabulous stash buster, aren’t they?

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 9 – Cheerful Cherry Bag by Valzies Boutique

This bright and cheery bag inspired by cherries is a fun and practical bag to take on quick errands. With the mood-boosting colors of this fun bag, you are sure to make a statement. The pattern uses variegated and solid

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 10 – Pocket Yarnlings

This mother and baby pairing pattern use some seamless crocheting techniques and when completed, can be placed in varying hugging positions!

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 11 – Daffodil Brooch by Roxy_s Crochet

This glowing yellow daffodil brooch gives a pop of color to every outfit!

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 12 – Cat couple by Amigurumi_Joys

This crochet pattern will surely cover all those people who like pet animals and want to keep them near themselves. The cat is fast to whip up, and you only need some basic crochet skills to make this. The pattern includes written patterns, video tutorials, and schemes. With just a little effort, you can crochet wonderful and beyond the real doll pattern

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 13 – Candy Potholder by Knitting with Chopsticks

The Candy Potholder crochet pattern is a fun, easy way to create a colorful trivet to place hot items on. It’s made from crocheted balls that are glued together in any shape you’d like.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 14 – Big and Little Cactus by Crafty Kitty Crochet

Plant some happiness into your crafting life with these adorable amigurumi cactus friends! You can make a small cactus or large cactus (or both) with this easy pattern. Both of these cacti work up quickly, and would make great gifts for a housewarming, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even a plant-themed baby shower! The possibilities are endless!!

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 15 – Mama’s Mobius Scarf by Pam_s Cozy Corner

A cheerful easy-to-make lacy mobius scarf for those sunny spring days.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 16 – Victoria Honeycomb Lace Bolero by Itchin_ for some Stitchin_

Wrap yourself in graceful elegance with the Victoria Honeycomb Lace Bolero. Crocheted using a combination of stitches to create a unique honeycomb pattern, this bolero is as beautiful as it is intricate. A timeless piece that will add a hint of sophistication to any wardrobe.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 17 – Florencia Doll by Amigurumi Art Crochet

It is written in American terms, 16 pages with more than 60 full-color images to make it much easier for you to crochet your doll.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 18 – Off the hook for you

Great fun, easy crochet coasters. Made from cotton yarn for a hardwearing homeware make.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 19 – Reversible Octopus by Curiouspapaya

Mamas are the ultimate superheroes. How do they manage to do it all? With 8 arms and a whole lot of love, it seems!

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf
DAY 20 – Penelope Placemat by Made by Gootie

This elegant placemat uses the beautiful Iris stitch and is worked in a rectangle to create a nice texture. The use of a contrasting color creates a beautiful effect that emphasizes the pleasant texture of the placemat.

parents amigurumi crochet pattern pdf

I hope you enjoy the roundup! Comment below and tell me which crochet pattern you love most in the event? Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group, And don’t forget to tag me @anvisgranny and the author of the pattern, with the hashtag #parentsemailhop on your social media photos to get the chance to be featured on my account.

For any further questions, please contact me at Thank you and enjoy the event!

From Joy and other designers with love!

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