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Little Tree Sprout Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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Spring is here, if you are a nature-lover like me, you will enjoy this season most! You can see the new green coming up everywhere, on the street, in the garden! And my lovely Tree Sprout amigurumi doll would love to give you the nature spirit into your house! Let’s crochet with my easy Tree Sprout amigurumi free pattern!

tree sprout amigurumi free crochet pattern
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The printable copy of a PREMIUM, AD-FREE PATTERN can be found here on Ravelry or Etsy. Or if you want to support me, buy me a coffee here.

tree sprout amigurumi free crochet pattern

Materials and tools

  • DK yarn in green and bergie
  • 2.5mm hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Polyfill
  • Stitch marker

For the better visual version, you can watch my Youtube video, do remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel for other free amigurumi video tutorials, crochet tips, and handmade business tips




1 in green yarn and 1 in beige yarn

Make the green leg first. FO

1) MR 6X (6)

2) 6V (12)

3) (X, V) * 6 (18)

4 -8) 18X (18)

Repeat with the beige leg. After finishing row 8, do not cut the yarn, we will join 2 legs as row 9


Use green yarn for the pattern inside […], beige yarn for the rest

9) [18X, 1CH], 1CH, 18X , X, [ X] (40)

FLO hereafter

10 – 18) [19X], 20X, [X] ( 40)

19) [10X,A, 7X], 10X, A, 8X, [X] (38)

20) [18X], 19X, [X] (38)

21) [10X,A, 6X], 10X, A, 7X, [X] (36)

22) [17X], 18X, [X] (36)

23) [2X, A, 2X,(A, 4X)*2], 2X, A, 2X,(A, 4X)*2 (30)

24) [15X], (15X) (30)

25) [2X,A, X, (A, 3X) *2],  2X,A, X, (A, 3X) *2 (24)

26) [12X] 12X (24)



1 in green yarn and 1 in beige yarn

Do not stuff the arms. 

1. MR 5X (5)

2) 5V (10)

3) (4X, V)*2 (12)

4) 12X (12)

5) (2X, A)*3 (9)

6-16) 9X (9)

17) Fold in half and crochet through 2 opposite sts 4X. 

FO. Leave tail to sew.


Green and beige  yarn

FLO all rows

1) MR 6X (6)

2) 6V (12)

3) [ (V, X) * 3], (V,X) * 3 (18)

4) [ X, V, (2X,V) * 2, X], X, V, (2X, V) * 2, X (24)

5) [2X,V, (3X,V) * 2, X], 2X, V, (3X,V) * 2, X (30)

6) [3X,V, (4X,V) * 2, X], 3X, V, (4X,V) * 2, X (36)

7) [4X, V, (5X, V) * 2, X], 4X, V, (5X, V) * 2, X (42)

8) [5X, V, (6X,V) * 2, X], 5X, V, (6X, V) * 2, X (48)

9) [6X, V, (7X,V) * 2, X], 6X, V, (7X,V) * 2, X (54)

10) [7X, V, (8X, V) * 2, X], 7X, V, (8X,V) * 2, X (60)

11) [8X,V, (9X,V) * 2, X], 8X, V, (9X, V) * 2, X (66)

12) [9X,V, (10X,V) * 2, X], 9X, V, (10X,V) *2, X (72)

13-19) [36X], 36X (72)

Insert safety eyes/Embroider  eyes at rows 15-16, 13sts apart 

20) [5X, A, (10X, A)* 2, 5X], 5X, A, (10X, A) * 2, 5X (66)

21) [4X, A, (9X,A) * 2, 5X], 4X, A, (9X, A) * 2, 5X (60)

22) [3X,A,,(8X, A) *2, 5 X], 3X, A, (8X, A) * 2, 5X (54)

23) [2X, A, (7X, A) * 2, 5 X] , 2X, A, (7X, A) * 2, 5X (48)

24) [X, A, (6X, A) * 2, 5X], X, A, (6X, A) *2, 5X ( 42)

25) [A, (5X, A) * 2, 5X], A, (5X, A) * 2, 5X (36)

26) [(A, 4X) * 3], (A, 4X) * 3 (30)

27) [(A,3X)* 3], (A,3X) * 3 (24)

 FO. Leave tail to sew. 

Stuff the head. 


Dark green yarn 

1)10CH (10)

2) Crochet at the second loop from hook

X, T, 5F, T, X, CH

3) Crochet at the other side of the chain

X, T, 5F, T, X, SS

FO. Leave tail to sew.


Brown yarn 

1)MR 7X (7)

2-14) 7X (7)

FO. Leave tail to sew.

tree sprout amigurumi free crochet pattern
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