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30+ Cutest Crochet Amigurumi Toys Patterns for Babies

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Let’s crochet amigurumi toy patterns. Do you know what’s something that everyone loves? It’s babies and everything related to them! I especially adore them, with three of mine own, I can’t get enough of them. I love to crochet baby toys like amigurumi baby rattle or even crocheting some cute nursery room decor for them. So this month yet again, I’ve brought you some great amigurumi toys pattern for babies and I am sure you’ll love them.

So, this month I’ve planned various baby toys-themed crochet patterns for you and your little ones. These crochet toys for babies come in the form of a ‘Baby Love” Ami Super Pack. So, let’s get this thing going with some super easy amigurumi toys for babies. To get you ready for cute nursery amigurumi, I’ve got you covered with 32 talented amigurumi designers including myself, and formed a “Baby Love” Ami Super Pack.


amigurumi baby love crochet pattern

This roundup mentions both free and premium patterns for baby toys crochet pattern designs from 32 world-class amigurumi designers including myself. In this round up you can easily find various baby love patterns to crochet from amigurumi baby rattle patterns to crochet nursery decor and even cute animal crochet patterns. With these kids’ toys-themed amigurumi patterns, you could easily crochet some cute toys for your kids or they’re are great in gift-giving for you expecting friends and family.

I love to design graphics as well and I love to give my designs to my Tribe. In my Tribe Vault, you will find a lot of cool graphics for crocheters all over the seasons! They value at more than $150 and grow almost every month!

If you are in my Tribe, simply use the Member code (That I send to you via email) to access the vault. If not, most welcome you to be our Tribe member!

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You can watch the video for more details, and make sure that you subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more free patterns and events.

CLICK THE PHOTOS FOR THE LINK TO THE amigurumi toys pattern for babies – Click designer’s names to follow them

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Ramayana Finger Puppets by Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts

Storytelling is the best way to teach your children the values of life! Let’s tell them the beautiful Ramayana – the Indian epic legend. No matters you are a Hindu or not, just enjoy the story and the puppets!

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Harry Baby Bear Lovey by Blue Sparrow Handmade

Harry the baby bear lovey. Designed for small hands, this comforter toy is the perfect mix of amigurumi and blanket-style crochet. Create your own baby lovey for someone to treasure.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Tommy the puppy by
Planet Piu

This is a very easy-to-follow pattern with detailed instructions. The Tommy Puppy toy is perfect for babies because it is cute and easy to hold in the little palm. You can also make the puppy’s body multi-colored and thus teach different colors to the baby.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Sleepy Kitten Crochet Rattle by Lululoop Crochet

This sleepy kitty rattle is the perfect gift to welcome that little baby into the family, you can customize it in any color you want and it will surely look beautiful.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Woody the Woodlouse by Amigurumi Art Crochet

This is a unique pattern, it is perfect for children and babies, it is stimulating and helps with fine motor skills, the rattle stimulates the senses and could be used as a comfortable pillow.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Crochet Teddy bear Lovey and Pacifier Clip by Rnata

Set: Teddy bear lovey and pacifier clip is a great project for newborns and a perfect gift for babies. Sweet Sleepy Teddy Bear Lovey is a plush toy and security blanket all in one! She will become a good friend to your baby.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Giant Colouring pencil pillow by Oodles_of_Crochet

My Giant Colouring Pencil is perfect for young children, use them for imaginative play or fun decorations

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Sloth Mikey by

Mikey loves laying on the trees and play games. He sits and lays together with his owner.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Sheep Rattle by Poppy Crochet Design

This cute little sheep is a great company to the little ones

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Lumberjack Axe Baby Rattle by My Fingers Fly

Make an axe-shaped rattle for your little lumberjack. These rattles make great shower gifts, photography props, or accessories for a baby’s Halloween costume. Very versatile pattern. Use worsted weight yarn from your scrap basket (cotton or polyester). You can use an empty pill bottle to make the rattle or buy a rattle insert. I have also made them with a squeaker for a dog toy.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Pink Mouse Park by Pink Mouse Boutique

Welcome to Pink Mouse Park! It is a cute little playground where twins Emma and Alex enjoy playing every day. The pattern for this adorable set is over 30 pages long and it includes many step-by-step pictures to guide you and help you make your own little play area and dolls.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Kitty Lovey by Loops and Love Crochet

This Kitty Lovey is such a fun and cute crochet project. It makes the perfect gift for a little one or a baby shower gift for the mom-to-be. Your Kitty Lovey can be personalized by using different color combinations and the bow on the head makes a really sweet bowtie for a boy kitty too!

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Frankie Fox by Make Me Roar

Frankie fox would make a great addition to a nursery with his lovely fluffy chest!

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Amigurumi cow rattle pattern by A Little Love Everyday

A cute cow rattle pattern to make for your little ones.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Rattle Puppy by Knit.friends

My patterns are suitable for beginners, but they are cute 🙂

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Dress-Up Bunny Lovey by Sweet Softies

The Dress-Up Bunny Lovey is a sweet security blanket that your little one will surely adore! This cuddly rabbit doll comes with a few head accessories, such as a bonnet, flower headband, and bow headband, to allow your little one to give it a new look or play dress-up with it.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Baby Rainbow Rattle by Roxy’s Crochet

This adorable Rainbow Rattle is the perfect rattle for babies! It is colorful, it is cute and it’s super easy and quick to make! I promise you if the baby doesn’t love rattling this rainbow all the time, you will – It’s just so addictive!

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Bronty the Brontosaurus Baby Rattle by Storyland Amis

Meet Bronty, the cutest little Brontosaurus around! Unlike most dinosaurs who might scare children with their ferocious ways, Bronty is just the opposite! He’s just too cute to scare and with the option to add a rattle inside his head, he’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Bingsoo the Chubby Penguin by Little World of Whimsy

Bingsoo the Chubby Penguin is an adorable and easy beginner’s amigurumi project. If you can make a ball then you can make this pattern! He stands straight on a round bottom and wobbles like a bobblehead when you nudge him on the side and is the perfect bag charm or desk companion. Make him in a whole range of pastel colors and add your own pop of color in his little bow!

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Kobi The Koala by Craft.Tin.Love

The best friend you have been waiting for. Kobi the koala will be the heart of the room. He is perfect for babies and toddlers. Kobi the koala comes with a removable vest, a hat, and an optional balloon! His size is perfect for a cuddling night or playful mornings. This pattern contains detailed instructions and pictures.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Lola the Mini Bunny by All From Jade

Lola the Mini Bunny is the perfect toy for babies. Small enough to fit perfectly into baby’s little hands. Designed with embroidered sleepy eyes so there is no safety risk for babies under 3. Lola’s movable legs are perfect to have her in a seated or standing position which makes her even cuter. Beginner-friendly pattern with lots of step-by-step pictures to help create the perfect mini sleepy bunny.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Flora the bear by Hidden Crochet World

It is super cute, and you crochet almost all the parts together!

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Lala the Little Lamb by Crochet Garage

What else can one do with Lala except for cuddle and kiss 😀

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Kiki & Kola Koala Rattle Teethers by Chrisette Designs

These Koala siblings are a teether and rattle all in one piece!

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Dixie the Duckling by The Burgundy Basket

Dixie is the perfect size for little cuddles and super easy to make with minimal sewing of pieces.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Molly the Cat by CutieMe Store

Molly is a perfect sleepy friend for a baby, she has a superpower – she sends sweet dreams to everyone who sleeps with her.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Prue Bunny by The Blue Bobbin

Prue bunny is an easy pattern with clear instructions. Suitable and safe for cuddles and baby naps with sweet dreams.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Rainbow Flower Baby Rattle by Wayward Pineapple Creations

Brighten up your nursery with a rainbow flower! This cute and colorful baby rattle toy is sure to bring a smile and a giggle to your little one’s face

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Flippy the Frog baby rattle by Chai Coffee Crochet

Flippy the Frog baby rattle makes for a great quick baby shower gift! The stem is made up of balls, which allows for an easier grip and stays more firm. This rattle can be customized to fit the colors of the baby’s nursery. This quick pattern is great for beginners too!

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Clarence Clownfish by Crochet Wizzard

This fun little fellow loves to hang out and is very reliable. He loves to play with children and they love to have him tell jokes. Because you know he’s a clownfish and all! He also loves to go places! Where will you take him?

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Timmy the Tooth by LaCigogne

Make your own tooth fairy for your child, who has lost their first tooth. A little tooth will be a lovely gift. You can make a boy’s or a girl’s tooth fairy out of my pattern. Easy to follow and beginner-friendly crochet pattern.

amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
Gingerbread Lovey by Creative Snugglies Designs

This gingerbread lovey/security blanket is fun, easy, and quick to make! It is a great pattern for beginners or advanced beginners as it has basic stitches with simple color changes. This pattern can be made in a half a day to a day!

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I hope you enjoy this round-up of babies’ and toddlers’ toys amigurumi crochet patterns! Comment below and tell me which amigurumi crochet toys for toddler pattern that you love most at the event? Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group, And don’t forget to tag me @anvisgranny and the author of the pattern, with the hashtag #amisuperpack on your social media photos to get the chance to be featured on my account.


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amigurumi baby love crochet pattern
amigurumi baby love crochet pattern

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