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60+ Cutest and Easiest Garden Party Amigurumi Patterns to Crochet

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It’s already August, and I can’t believe we are already more than halfway through 2021, can’t believe the year will be over in just a few short months. Also, let’s not forget that the weather is really beautiful outside. Warm sunny weather, might I say it’s the perfect weather for a garden party or a picnic? So this month I’ve got you covered with a few of the cutest and easiest Garden Party crochet patterns.

More than that, school is almost about to start, let’s enjoy the last moment of the vacation with your beloved children with BIG PARTIES!!! You got it right, this month I’ve planned Garden Party-themed crochet patterns and something where we can appreciate the beautiful weather of this month and that comes in the form of a Garden Party” Ami Super Pack.

This roundup mentions both free and premium patterns for Garden Party crochet pattern designs from 32 world-class amigurumi designers including myself. In this pattern collection, you’ll find several different types of vegetables, food, as well as cute garden animals.  With these Garden Party-themed patterns, you could easily make your favorite picnic food or even some cute guests for your garden party!

garden party amigurumi crochet pattern


You can watch the video for more details, and make sure that you subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more free patterns and events.

CLICK THE PHOTOS FOR THE LINK TO THE garden Party AMIGURUMI PATTERNS – Click designer’s names to follow them
garden party crochet pattern
Axolotl Donut – Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts

FREE – Do you love axolotl? Do you love donuts? Do you love amigurumi? This pattern is for you! Crochet the cute and yummy axolotl donut amigurumi with my no-sew crochet patterns.

garden party amigurumi crochet pdf
Bento Lunch set by Meow Amigurumi

PREMIUM – This cute bento set lunch is very easy and quick to make. The pattern includes many photos so you can follow it even you are new to amigurumi.

Aidan the Cuddle-Sized Mushroom by Storyland Amis

PREMIUM – Meet Aidan the Mushroom! Aidan is a lovable little guy! Thankfully for you, he’s not of the poisonous variety so he’s perfectly safe to have around, and smothering him with kisses won’t cause you any harm!

garden party crochet pdf
Sushi Amigurumi by Elisa’s Croche

PREMIUM – An easy and colorful amigurumi project for all fans of Japanese food!

garden party crochet pattern
Ornament Bear by Sweet Oddity Art

PREMIUM – You’re my lobster! Croi is a friendly lobster that is looking for his forever lobster!

garden party amigurumi pdf
Tree Stump with Mushrooms by Mumigurumi

PREMIUM – This tree stump will make a perfect decoration

garden party amigurumi pdf
Gardener Greta by Poppy Crochet Design

PREMIUM – She will help to tend your garden. And will keep the crop healthy and plentiful…

garden party amigurumi crochet
Playful Poptart by Knot Bad Crochet

PREMIUM – This pattern is worked flat, not in the round – super easy for beginners!

garden party crochet pdf
Plush Broccoli by Dorogina_toys

PREMIUM – Cheerful Broccoli will help your children to eat more vegetables.

garden party crochet pdf
Soy Sauce and Dumpling by Curious Papaya

PREMIUM – Dumplings, the best comfort food you can think of! They are known by many names around the world: Potstickers, Gyoza, Mandoo, Jiaozi… the list goes on! Most often, they are filled with a savory mix of meat and veggies and they’ll leave you wanting more and more. You’ll also need some delicious Soy Sauce to go with them. Enjoy this 2-in-1 pattern bundle! gift list!

garden party amigurumi crochet pdf
Turnip & Carrots by SarahDeeCrochet

PREMIUM – Turnip LOVES carrots! Turnip’s main job is to collect all of the carrots for the annual Bunny Picnic. This is no easy task, as he is just one bunny! Never doubt a bunny on a mission, though. He always gets the job done. Turnip is a crochet amigurumi bunny, made to hold his precious carrot. In the pattern, you will also find step-by-step instructions to make your own customizable carrot garland. Turnip is approximately 11 inches from ears to tail, using worsted weight yarn. It’s a perfect gift for a child, for your friends. Use my Angelo the Angel Amigurumi crochet pattern and make your own sweet Angel doll.

garden party amigurumi crochet pattern
Pineapple by Wayward Pineapple Creations

PREMIUM – Who doesn’t love a pineapple? They’re fun, tasty, and just plain cool looking! This pineapple may not be edible, but it’s definitely softer and more cuddly than a real one. Bring the tropics home with this easy pineapple amigurumi pattern, and stick it in your fruit bowl to confuse your guests! This crochet pattern PDF includes 9 pages of pictures and detailed instructions to make your very own pineapple amigurumi.

garden party amigurumi crochet pdf
Cupcake Amigurumi by Loops and Love Crochet

FREE – This little crochet cupcake makes a cute birthday surprise to give in addition to a card, gift, or just on its own. Crochet cupcakes are calorie-free, don’t expire, and are super cute too! Who doesn’t love cupcakes, right!? This crochet cupcake is a fun version of the popular treat and makes a great keepsake too!

garden party crochet pattern pdf
Amigurumi S’mores by Crafty Kitty Crochet

FREE – If you’re looking to add s’more fun and cuteness to your summer, then this play food pattern is for you! These sweet little cuties are easy and fast to make, and make great stash busters! They are great for children’s play and unique summer decor in your kitchen. This easy amigurumi pattern has lots of photos to guide you, and uses a few basic stitches – so it’s perfect for beginners and longtime crocheters alike!

garden party amigurumi crochet
Pregnant Avocado by Sweet Softies

FREE – The Pregnant Avocado is a cheerful avocado half who cradles her belly bump (the seed) as she patiently awaits the birth of her precious baby! This clever amigurumi design makes a cute gift for an expecting mom with a bun in the oven, or to use as a creative pregnancy announcement prop!

garden party amigurumi pattern
The Gardener by The Wandering Deer

PREMIUM – Quick and easy to make. Have a cute garden and a gardener in your house is a really cool idea

garden party amigurumi
Strawberry Cake and Macaron by Ipseveranne

PREMIUM – Yummy yummy desserts to crochet. Perfect amigurumi projects for foodies

garden party amigurumi pdf
My Tiny Eggplant by Ngoc Linh Handmade

PREMIUM -Have you ever seen such cute and elegant eggplant? Crochet now!

garden party amigurumi pdf
Pizza Slice Amigurumi by Raffamusa Designs

FREE – Crochet a Margherita pizza slice, the queen of all pizzas! This yummy Amigurumi is a very quick and easy make that will conquer the heart of every pizza lover. Add a few pizza slices to your Amigurumi collection, or turn them into cute keychain holders for family and friends!

garden party amigurumi crochet pdf
Fruit Salad Accessories by Make Me Roar

PREMIUM – Crochet these mouth-watering fruit slices. These can be used for keychains, appliqués, or fridge magnets. Why not use thicker yarn and turn them into coasters?

garden party amigurumi
Zoe, the Birthday girl by Iwanna Be Hara

PREMIUM – Zoe is a joyful little girl full of sweetness who loves birthday parties and cakes! Dress her up in your favorite flavors and she will be the happiest girl in the world!

garden party crochet
AvoCATo Pitten by Chrisette Designs

FREE – It’s an avocado AND a cat. What more could you need in life?!? Also, it’s a NO SEW pattern!

garden party amigurumi
Veggie Baby Rattle Toy by The Burgundy Basket

FREE – Add these little crochet vegetables together as a baby rattle toy or make them individually to accompany other amigurumi. Ex: the carrot for a bunny

garden party crochet
Bobby the Hot Cross Bun by Cara’s Creations

PREMIUM – Bobby is a cute, kawaii-style treat! Make one or 6 Hot Cross Buns – they are such a joy to create!

garden party amigurumi crochet
Carri the Carrot by CrochetWizzard

FREE – This is an adorable delicious carrot! A quick and easy pattern that you. You will want to have it as a company and will wish she could be enjoyed. Carri has such a bright personality that she will add to your or whoever’s household she joins!

garden party crochet pattern
Oyster Amigurumi by Autumn Leaflet

PREMIUM – Here is a cute baby oyster. Now you can make one for yourself and those special in your life.

garden party amigurumi
Matilda the Ladybug Bunny by Yarn Ami Crochet Design

PREMIUM – Matilda is an adorable bunny in a ladybug suit. She makes the perfect hand-sized amigurumi gift for any bunny lover or child.

garden party amigurumi crochet
Peachy Queen Amigurumi by My Fingers Fly

FREE – Peachy Queen and I had so much fun exploring Atlanta! She’s easy to crochet in worsted weight yarn and can be decorated in any way you like – let your imagination run wild.

garden party amigurumi
Happy Donut by
Yum Yarn

PREMIUM – Meet the Happiest Donut on the planet. He loves eating marshmallows, chocolate, and candy. That’s how he keeps his sweetness level high.

garden party amigurumi pattern
Avocado and Peas in a Pod by Roxy’s Crochet

PREMIUM – These delicious key chains are great statement accessories if you’re a vegetarian/vegan or simply love some healthy greens. They are super quick and easy to make and are a great gift idea!

garden party amigurumi
Luna the ladybug doll by Rnata

PREMIUM – “Meet Luna the ladybug! She’s a shy little bug – so many flowers to get to and so little time! But she always makes sure to wear her hat!”

garden party amigurumi crochet
Sushi Set by Little World of Whimsy

PREMIUM – This easy crochet sushi set is a fun project to use as home decor or play food for kids. It’s fully customizable and a great stash buster—perfect for a creative day off. Follow along the step-by-step pattern to make this cute project with beginner stitches and construction.

Do not miss the chance to get the patterns from all your favorite amigurumi designers.

WAIT, I have another gift for you! This printable Garden Party Invitation Template is there inside my Tribe Vault, along with other free patterns, printables, and resources. It is the perfect gift for you when you want to host your own garden party!

garden party amigurumi crochet pattern
Click here to sign up for my Crochet Tribe and get the free Garden Party Invitation.

I hope you enjoy the round-up of picnic-themed amigurumi crochet patterns! Comment below and tell me which garden party amigurumi crochet pattern inspired by nature that you love most in the event? Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group, And don’t forget to tag me @anvisgranny and the author of the pattern, with the hashtag #amisuperpack on your social media photos to get the chance to be featured on my account.


garden party amigurumi crochet pattern
garden party amigurumi crochet pattern

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From Joy with love!

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