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Best 35 Creepy Cute Halloween Amigurumi Patterns

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Do you love Halloween? Of course! Everybody loves Halloween, especially kids! Am I right? It’s their favorite season to get into their favorite costume and go around the street for trick and treat. So let’s crochet some Halloween amigurumi patterns. To get your inner spooky out, I’ve got you covered with various Halloween-themed amigurumi patterns.

You got it right, this month I’ve planned various Halloween-themed crochet patterns and something where we can appreciate the spooky season next month and that comes in the form of a ‘Halloween” Ami Super Pack. So, let’s celebrate this creepy cute season of Halloween with the best Spooky Amigurumi Patterns!

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Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi

This roundup mentions both free and premium patterns for Halloween crochet pattern designs from 31 world-class amigurumi designers including myself. In this round up you can easily find various Halloween patterns from cute voodoo bunnies to scary skeleton monsters and even cute pumpkin patterns to make you ready for the spooky season. With these Halloween-themed patterns, you could easily crochet scary dolls or even some Creepy Cute Crochet toys.


Do you like free stuff? Who doesn’t, right? And I love to give free stuff! hehe!

Enjoy my Community Vault with a lot of seasonal printables that you can use to give with the amigurumi! Summer, Valentine’s, Halloween, Xmas. You will not be disappointed.

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Halloween amigurumi pattern crochet
Dark the Devil Doll by Anvi’s Granny

Crochet Dark the Devil today with my almost no-sew amigurumi crochet pattern for Halloween. My pattern is designed for beginners and who do not like to sew amigurumi parts together.

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi crochet
Halloween Decoration: Bat, Devil, and Vampire by Rnata

A set of three Halloween toys would be the perfect home decoration.

Halloween pdf pattern crochet
Gritty Gravestone Amigurumi by Knot Bad Crochet

This kawaii little amigurumi is perfect for the spooky season – tombstones don’t always have to be so creepy!

Halloween amigurumi pattern
Cruella doll by Beary_bearnita_

Do you recognize this villain? I am sure that you will love to crochet her as much as I do.

Halloween amigurumi pattern
Voodoo Doll by BlueRabbitToys

Scary and cute at the same time. Perfect Halloween gift!

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Wendy Witch by Poppy Crochet Design

The cutest Witch around. Meet Wendy the cute witch!

Halloween amigurumi pattern pdf
Spooky Tot Set by Cara’s Creations

Spooky Tots – a trio comprising Vivi the Vampire, Mike the Mummy, and Craig the Monster. Quick, fun items with a Halloween feel. A similar shape to potato tots (tater tots or potato gems depending on where in the world you are!) and they are a great size for little hands.

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Cat in the hat by

A cute little cat can be a lovely handmade gift for Halloween or a cute stuffed toy for a child. The pattern includes 16 pages with step-by-step instructions and 65 photos of the process. Full instructions on how to crochet the cat and the hat.

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
ALIDA Little Witch Doll by Meow Amigurumi

When you think of Halloween, the witch doll is the best choice to decorate your cottage. This super cute witch doll will ensure that your house will look unique and festive this season. It is a perfect gift for children on Halloween too.

Halloween amigurumi pattern crochet
Zeena the mini witch by Chai Coffee Crochet

FREE – Meet Zeena, the mini crochet witch. As Halloween is approaching, we realized that our Kozu Palm Pals needed a costume for trick-or-treating! And so the idea for Zeena the mini crochet witch was born. At 4.5 inches tall (without the hat), she works up really fast, is easy to make, and is oh so cute! Her dress and hat are removable so you can dress her up in other clothes from our Kozu Palm Pals series after Halloween is over!

Halloween amigurumi pattern
Harry d’Otter by

Meet Harry d’Otter (Psst, don’t you ever dare to call him Harry Potter!) Well, as you see, Harry the Otter has a very similar look to Harry Potter, and Selection Hat also put him in Gryffindor. ONLY, Harry the Otter doesn’t have a lightning mark on his forehead, because yeah why would Voldemort bother himself to hurt an otter? Harry is a very brave otter (just like other Gryffindor pupils) and also sometimes a mischief-maker.

Halloween amigurumi pattern
Wee Little Ghostie Amigurumi by Crafty Kitty Crochet

FREE – These little ghosts are a lot of Halloween fun! Customize them with all kinds of accessories, like a Witch Hat, Top Hat, Bows, and more! Plus, they are very small and quick to make, and don’t use much yarn – a perfect stash buster project! They would be excellent as small Halloween gifts or even favors/prizes in a Halloween Scavenger Hunt! Kids will love them as toys, and adults will love them as adorable spooky decor. The possibilities are endless!

Halloween amigurumi pattern
Morty The Reaper by CraftyGibbon

Morty is not your typical scary Grim Reaper. He is super friendly, cute, and fast to make. Great Halloween gifts for all ages.

Halloween amigurumi pattern crochet
Brian B. Brain by Hello Yellow Yarn

Make the loveable little monster friend, Brian B. Brain this Halloween. Brian’s zombie-like appearance is the result of a bad experiment with liquid nitrogen. He wanted to invent a machine that would prevent brain freeze!

Halloween amigurumi pattern
Necrocia the Zombie Mermaid by Hooked by Kati

FREE – Meet Necrocia. This little mermaid had a fun-loving life and she plans on having a fun-loving afterlife. Missing an arm won’t hold her back, and she exposed brains? Consider them a hair accessory!

Halloween amigurumi pattern pdf
Pumpkin Baby Witch by Anan.amilove

Crochet the chubby pumpkin witch doll for Halloween and explore new techniques in amigurumi making with this pattern

Halloween pdf pattern crochet
Pumpkin Kitty by
Lemon Yarn Creations

Halloween is the best holiday to dress up, and it’s even more fun to dress up your pet! The Pumpkin Kitty isn’t super happy to be in a costume but he sure looks adorable.

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
The Witch by
The Wandering Deer

Cute, quick, and easy to make, can be personalized.

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Baby Vampire by

Vampires are supposed to be scary, but this one is damn cute! 🙂

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Witch Gnome by
My Fingers Fly

Crochet a witch/warlock gnome to decorate your home this Halloween. Use different colors and different embellishments to create your own unique gnome or even an army of gnomes. Easy pattern using worsted weight yarn, so it’s a great stash buster!

Halloween pdf pattern crochet
Secret the Pumpkitten by Little World of Whimsy

FREE – Secret the Pumpkitten is a cute pumpkin with a kitten poking her head out of the pumpkin top. Use this adorable plushie as Halloween home decor, DIY fall decorations, or for gifting. Customize the cat to any color fur you want, or to match your own kitty at home!

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Scarecrow mini-doll by Pocket Yarnlings

Whip out this Cheeky Scarecrow really quickly for this Halloween – with 10 pages in the pattern including some step-by-step pictorial instructions for the special stitches, he can be done in one continuous stitch and completed in less than an hour!

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Bruce the Cuddle-Sized Bat by Storyland Amis

Meet Bruce the Bat! Bruce is a very dignified and stylish bat who has a huge weakness for bow ties. Purple, orange, yellow, polka-dotted – Bruce collects them all! He never goes out flying without a bow tie on!

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi crochet
Halloween Ghost Cat pattern by Planet Piu

Have you ever seen ghost cats? As it turned out, they exist! Especially these cats love to go for a walk on Halloween. Boo! (or Meow?) This pattern has a secret: in addition to the ghost cat, you can also crochet a real Halloween skeleton fish to feed your lovely cat and fold it into a scary-cute pumpkin basket. Awesome Set, isn’t it?

Halloween amigurumi pdf pattern
Grayson the Ghost by Curiouspapaya

FREE – Grayson, the cute friendly ghost! A perfect spooky companion that can also be turned into an ornament for the holidays.

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Spider Toby by
Loopy Pattern

Even a scary one can be cute. Pattern contains secrets of – wireframe that makes the legs movable; – a lot of photos of the process

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Pumpkin Head Doll by
Sweet Softies

FREE – This adorable pumpkin head doll is the perfect “spooky-cute” amigurumi to make for Halloween!

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Vincenzo the Vampire by Roxy’s Crochet

Vincenzo is an Italian Vampire, living in Rome in the year 1680. He is a young, energetic and fashionable vampire. His favorite color is rosé, which he thinks matches his light skin tone perfectly.

Halloween amigurumi pattern
Pete, The Scary Pumpkin by Ienie’s Amigurumi

I know his name is Scary Pete but look at him, who wouldn’t want to make this cute little face?

Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Bat Draculon by

FREE – Make this cute and easy ragdoll bat for Halloween. This little friendly bat is so easy and cute, and it would be a great gift for children as well!

Halloween amigurumi pdf pattern
FREE – Candy corn buddies by CrochetWizzard

These are a cute crochet plush of some candy corn buddies. It is an easy and fun make for anyone that wants a fun little candy corn or great Halloween decoration! This is a mix and match pattern of the different eyes, arms, and legs! So have some fun with different combinations! They are very huggable!!

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Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi
Halloween pdf pattern amigurumi

I hope you enjoy the round-up of Halloween-themed amigurumi crochet patterns! Comment below and tell me which spooky Halloween amigurumi crochet pattern that you love most in the event? Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group, And don’t forget to tag me @anvisgranny and the author of the pattern, with the hashtag #amisuperpack on your social media photos to get the chance to be featured on my account

I appreciate it if you subscribe to my newsletter, my Youtube Channel to be updated about new patterns or crochet tips, sales, and other promotions. Be my friend on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook.  Any subs, like, comment from you means a lot for me and my small designing career!

From Joy with love!

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