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35+ Easy and Cutest Last Minute Crochet Gift ideas

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Hey you, yes I am talking to you. Are you looking for any last-minute crochet gifts for Christmas or new year? Because I have got you covered in that department. So pick up your yarn and needle and start crocheting some of these cute little amigurumi which are best for gift giving.

Are you busy with the Christmas decorations and Christmas shopping that you forgot to get a few gifts? Because I sure did. But that can easily be solved with this “Gift giving” Ami Super Pack. This pack contains more than 35 patterns to choose from. Now isn’t that amazing? With the help of this Amigurumi Super Pack, you can crochet several small amigurumi or can crochet some Christmas amigurumi toys which I am sure the kids will adore. These 30 fabulous designers including myself have come up with the best of the best gift-giving amigurumi and decor amigurumi just for you.


easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern

This roundup mentions both free and premium patterns for gift-giving crochet pattern designs from 30 world-class amigurumi designers including myself. In this pattern collection, you’ll find several different types of Christmas amigurumi as well as crochet cute dolls; With these gift-giving-themed patterns, you could easily make your favorite Christmas amigurumi toy or even some cute stuffed toys for your loved ones!


I love to give free stuff! And I love to design printables! That’s why once you join our VIP Tribe Vault, there are so many beautiful printables for crocheters and free amigurumi patterns PDFs for you to download. And new content is coming frequently!

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free christmas printable gift tags and doll adoption


You can watch the video for more details, and make sure that you subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more free patterns and events.

CLICK THE PHOTOS FOR THE LINK TO THE LAST MINUTE CROCHET GIFT amigurumi pattern – Click designer’s names to follow them

Chinese Zodiac Tiger by Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts

FREE – The year of Tiger is coming and a tiny tiger amigurumi is a great and meaningful gift for your beloved ones, as a creative way to welcome a fabulous Lunar New year

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Cake Gift Box by Sweet Softies

PREMIUM – This cake gift box is the perfect trinket container to store a little present! It works up quickly, is easily customizable, and is an adorable decor!

crochet last minute gift ideas
Joy the Cuddle-Sized Christmas Tree by Storyland Amis

PREMIUM – Meet Joy at the Christmas Tree! Joy may be the smallest Christmas tree, but she shines just as bright as the rest because of the joy inside her! For Joy, every day is Christmas!

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Hatching bag bunny by TANATIcrochet

PREMIUM – Cute amigurumi toy bunny with a hatching bag.

easy amigurumi gift ideas
Potted Flower Amigurumi by Autumn Leaflet

PREMIUM – The sweetest, long-lasting flower ever

crochet last minute gift ideas
Christmas girl wall hanging by Crochet Garage

PREMIUM – Perfect for Christmas decoration

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Tiny Tina by Poppy Crochet Design

PREMIUM – Works up really quickly. Perfect for last-minute gift making 🙂

amigurumi gift giving crochet ideas
Crochet Moo Moo Milk Pattern by Knot Bad Crochet

PREMIUM – You can make your own Cookies and Milk for the holidays and even make a full Moo Moo!

amigurumi gift giving crochet ideas
Pegasus Horse by sihirli__halka

PREMIUM – It’s a fun pattern that’s easy to knit. You will love the finished toy

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Toby the Birthday Turtle by Lemon Yarn Creations

PREMIUM – Toby the Birthday Turtle is the perfect guest for any birthday party and comes with its own delicious cake!

crochet last minute gift ideas
Sweet bear by Amigurumi_Joys

PREMIUM – This little teddy bear keychain is a great little party favor or keepsake toy for your friends!

amigurumi gift ideas free
Santa Ice bear by Beary_bearnita_

PREMIUM – It is a cute Santa bear

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Snowman Ice Cream
Cone by
Twinkie Chan

PREMIUM – If you feel pressed for time with last-minute gifts, this Snowman Ice Cream Cone is perfect! It doesn’t take much time to whip up, and it’s super-duper cute. Have fun making some in your favorite flavors and dreaming up different toppings and decorations! They make adorable plush toys and also holiday ornaments.

crochet last minute gift ideas
Santa Flamingo Floatie by Wayward Pineapple Creations

FREE – Don’t you just love spending warm summer days drifting lazily across a lake on a giant inflatable flamingo? Now you can bring some of that summer warmth to your Christmas tree with this cute little flamingo floaties ornament! Instructions are also included to turn your flamingo floaties into a keychain so you can play with him in summer too.

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Hot Chocolate Mug
Christmas Ornament
by Ollie + Holly

FREE – There is nothing cozier than a warm cup of something delicious during the holidays. This quick and easy ornament pattern comes with 3 variations to help you customize your delicious drink!

crochet last minute gift ideas
Magical Owl Keychain by Morine’s Shop

PREMIUM – The Magical Owl Keychain is an easy-to-work amigurumi pattern that uses a simple mosaic crochet technique to achieve a beautiful colorwork design through most of the body. This technique makes the keychain colorful and squishy and adds a very ‘magical’ effect to the Owl, don’t you think?

crochet last minute gift ideas
Bumblebee pillow by Yarnandy

PREMIUM – Make a swarm of bumblebees with this fun and detailed pattern that will show you how to make a soft and realistic-looking bumblebee pillow. The pattern comes with detailed instructions, photos, and schematics that show you how to assemble the bumblebee, plus a video for the quick and easy color change technique used in this pattern.

amigurumi gift giving crochet ideas
The Christmas Friends by IwannaBeHara

PREMIUM – Mr. Santa, Mr. Tree, and Mr. Elf are best friends, impatiently waiting to spread some joy!
These three little ones can be used as toys, decorations, or ornaments.

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Two Peas in a Pod by Mocha Stitch

PREMIUM – If you’re looking for a great gift for a friend or loved one, these peas in a pod amigurumi patterns are perfect! This design is an adorable token of friendship and love.

amigurumi gift ideas
Rudy (boy in reindeer costume)  by @lucy_rose_toys

PREMIUM – Beginner-friendly crochet pattern to make a cute Christmas gift – Rudy, a boy in a reindeer costume. Sweet handmade gift or Christmas decoration for home.

amigurumi gift giving crochet ideas
Fluffle the Bear by Little World of Whimsy

FREE – This fluffy crochet bear is the perfect handmade gift for a child’s birthday or for Valentine’s day. Make it with this free pattern using only one skein of Go For Faux yarn—the perfect quick and easy stash buster. Infinitely customizable and the most unique gift out there!

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Peony in Flower Pot by Roxy’s Crochet

PREMIUM – Cute Peony in Flower Pot. A beautiful gift idea for Mothers Day or as a toy for the little ones to play planting with.

crochet last minute gift ideas
Lydia the sheep (small pouch) by Amigurumi Art Crochet

PREMIUM – This small pouch is a perfect gift for New Year, it’s a beginner-level project and you can make it very quickly!

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Peaches the giraffe by Kornflakestew

PREMIUM – Peaches the giraffe is super adorable. Attach her legs in a sitting or standing position for 2 different looks.

easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
Teddy Bear with Blanket Yarn by My Fingers Fly

PREMIUM – What’s a Christmas tree without a teddy bear under it? This pattern works up quickly with Bernat blanket yarn (or any super bulky yarn) and a size M hook to make a teddy bear any child would love to see under the tree on Christmas morning.

easy amigurumi gift ideas
Jeweled Christmas Trees  by Oodles_of_Crochet

PREMIUM – My Jewelled Christmas Trees are perfect for table decorations, they are soft too so would make a perfect child gift!

crochet last minute gift ideas
Christmas gingerbread man by KidUnique Crochet

PREMIUM – An adorable gingerbread man can be a great gift for your loved one as well as an amazing home decoration somewhere close to the Christmas tree.

amigurumi gift ideas
Kawaii Teddy Bear by Crafty Kitty Crochet

FREE – This teddy bear has a classic look, but with a twist – the eyes are made to be extra sparkly and kawaii! And since this pattern calls for the incredibly soft and luscious Bernat Blanket yarn, this bear is extra snuggly, too! This makes it the perfect toy/gift for baby showers and other occasions like kids’ birthdays and the holidays. Make one in customized colors of your choice, or stick with neutral, classic colors. What a wonderful opportunity to personalize something that’s already a special handmade gift! The pattern is easy to follow and works up fast, as well!

amigurumi gift ideas
Hattie the Hippo by Chai Coffee Crochet

FREE – Hattie the Hippo, in her sweet little skirt, is an adorable gift for the kid in your life! Crochet hippos are so cute. There’s something so comical about the big muzzle and nostrils. And then throw a dress and bow onto your amigurumi hippo – and it’s a cuteness overload! This pattern is beginner-friendly and works up really fast.

Ice Cream Babies by
Pocket Yarnlings

PREMIUM – This pattern set includes my whole idea of making little miniature sets interactive for toddlers to play with. I was inspired by those wooden sets you often see for toddlers and I figured I could totally make a yarn version of it! It includes an ice

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easy amigurumi gift ideas pattern
crochet last minute gift ideas

I hope you enjoy this round-up of last-minute crochet gift idea amigurumi patterns! Comment below and tell me which amigurumi crochet toys you love most at the event? Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group, And don’t forget to tag me @anvisgranny and the author of the pattern, with the hashtag #amisuperpack on your social media photos to get the chance to be featured on my account.

I appreciate it if you subscribe to my newsletter, my Youtube Channel to be updated about new patterns or crochet tips, sales, and other promotions. Be my friend on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook.  Any subs, like, comment from you means a lot to me and my small design career!

From Joy with love!

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