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30+ Best Nature-Themed Amigurumi Patterns to crochet

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Well, today is World Environment Day, let’s celebrate with the collection of 30+ best nature-themed Amigurumi crochet patterns. Apparently, there are tons of amigurumi designs in the amigurumi world that got the idea from nature. With the talent of the designers, they have created crochet animals, amigurumi insects, crochet water creatures, nature-themed amigurumi dolls…and much more!

This post includes both nature themed crochet pattern pdf version or nature themed crochet pattern free website vesions for many beautiful crochet toys and crochet accessorises. I believe that with this lovely round-up of amigurumi crochet patterns from world-class amigurumi designers, you will find the nature-inspired amigurumi crochet ideas that you love!

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top 30 Inspired By Nature crochet patterns amigurumi


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amigurumi ant crochet pattern for beginners
My garden ant – Anvi’s Granny

This lovely ant doesn’t like sugar, all he needs is your love.

watering pot amigurumi crochet pattern
Watering Can by Knot Bad

This project is perfect for any crochet garden!

crochet bear and crochet bee amigurumi patterns
Bears by Sweet Oddity Art

Barnie the Bear and Busy the bears are easy to make and can not wait to share their love of nature with someone else!

rainbow amigurumi doll crochet pattern
Rainbow Rebbie by PoppyCrochetDesign

Do you love rainbow? So you will love Rainbow doll. She has a sunshine tiara 🙂

zebra amigurumi animal crochet pattern
Zeus The Zebra by Roxy’s Crochet

Zeus the tiny zebra lives in the green savannah and loves to eat the fresh leafs from the trees. He perfectly fits into your hand and is so cute that you will want to cuddle him all day!

flamingo bird amigurumi crochet toy pattern
Flamingo by Wayward Pineapple Creations

Feather the Flamingo lives on a tropical island and she loves splashing around at the beach and playing with her friends! She will make the perfect gift for any flamingo-lovers in your life, and her legs can be wired for extra pose-ability.

Quentin the Quokka woodland animal amigurumi crochet pattern
Quentin the Quokka by CatKnit

Make your own happiest animal on earth, Quentin the Quokka! He’s been designed so that you have the choice between either cotton DK and chenille DK, whichever’s your preference! Get your camera ready, it’s time for #quokkaselfies

flower fairy amigurumi doll keychain crochet pattern
Summer Flower Fairy by Sweet Softies

The Summer Flower Fairy is the cutest little pixie to add to your amigurumi collection! This doll features a sweet summer dress and pretty pair of butterfly wings. She’s the perfect pocket-sized gift and can be customized with different yarn colors and appliques!

fox amigurumi crochet pattern
Megan Fox by Handmade by Halime

The pattern is straight forward and easy to follow. There is lots of pictures in this pattern – lots of step by step images, especially on the special parts.
You will find good instructions how to make the legs moveable with only yarn (if you don’t want to use security joints).

narwhal amigurumi crochet pattern
Narwhal by Crafty Kitty Crochet

The Narwhal truly is the Unicorn of the Sea! Now you can crochet your very own little Narwhal with this fun, fast, easy crochet pattern! It uses very little yarn, so it makes a great stash buster. Gift it as a toy, use it as a decorative plushie, or even make a whole bunch as stocking stuffers – the possibilities are endless!

bunny hat and blanket amigurumi crochet pattern
Bunny Nap Buddy by My Fingers Fly

When it’s nap time, this adorable rabbit does it all! Multicolored amigurumi toddler blanket in shell stitch folds out for nap time, then rolls back into a bunny rabbit to be a cuddly companion the rest of the day.

mommy and me seahorse amigurmi crochet toys pattern
Mommy and Me Seahorse by Loops and Love Crochet

This Mommy and Me Seahorses make such an adorable pair. They are perfect for toys, nursery décor, and gifts for anyone that loves marine life! Plus, they work up quickly so you can make a whole family in all different color combinations!

jumbo bee amigurumi crochet pattern
Jumbo the Bee by Curiouspapaya

She’s Big and she’s PROUD – she’s… Jumbo the Bee! This super cuddly bee pattern is sure to bring smiles to your day.

mushroom doll amigurumi crochet pattern
Mushroom doll by Anan Amilove

Have you ever seen such adorable mushroom friends? These mushroom dolls are so lovely and easy to make.

mermaid doll, shark doll amigurumi crochet pattern
Mermaid Doll by GanchiGurumi

Feel the nature with this lovely mermaid that can be transformed into a shark girl with just a little piece. Your children will be amazed with this new toy to play all the long. Or maybe yourself. 😉

bee hive rattle for baby amigurumi crochet pattern
Amigurumi Beehive Baby Rattle by Raffamusa Designs

For all the lovers of bees and honey, here is one more bee-themed pattern for your little one. This Amigurumi Beehive Baby Rattle is colorful, fun, and interactive. Make one as a teething ring for your baby or use thicker yarn to make it into a cute stuffed cuddling toy.

chubby bee amigurumi crochet pattern
My Tiny Bee by Ngoc Linh Handmade

Just another adorable and chubby bee that will bring joy to your garden insect amigurumi collection.

octopus ragdoll amigurumi crochet pattern
Ragdoll Octopus Amigurumi by Yarnhild

Make this super cute and easy octopus! This crochet pattern is great for beginners and the octopus is very easy and quick to make.

tiger amigurumi crochet pattern
Tiki the amigurumi tiger by LaCigogne

Cute Tiki the tiger toy can be a wonderful gift for a baby shower or a birthday of a child. Tiki the tiger is easy to follow pattern and beginner friendly. Make your own cuddly tiger with my Tiki the tiger crochet pattern.

penguin couple amigurumi toy pattern crochet
Pen and Gwen Baby Penguins by Straight Hooked

Is there anything cuter than a baby penguin? Now you can make your very own adorable baby penguin with the Pen and Gwen Baby Penguins crochet pattern. The full color PDF has detailed instructions, making this project perfect for a beginner Amigurumi crocheter!

native bear amigurumi crochet pattern
Indra the Native Bear by Sayens Crochet

Indra, the native bear is a lovely polar bear who comes from far away to dance and sing as his ancestors… dance around the fire, same as the Earth dance around the sun. He came to remind us where we came from and the importance of going back to our origin, of recognizing our roots, respecting them and honoring them.

cow amigurumi toy crochet pattern
Cleo the Cow by Chai Coffee Crochet

Cleo the crochet cow is a cute and cuddly addition to our Juna Series of free crochet animal patterns. With her rainbow-coloured tank top and her big smile, she would make a wonderful addition to any nursery. This free pattern works up fast, is a good beginner amigurumi pattern, and so cute!

couple rabbit amigurumi crochet pattern
Roxy the bunny by Beary_bearnita_

What is cuter than a bunny in the jumpsuit? Her emotional face is cute and will be your best friend whenever you feel upset.

duck amigurumi toy crochet pattern
Rebecca’s Snuggly Duckling by Creative Snugglies Designs

This adorable duck lovey is a fun project to swim into your yarn bag. It makes a sweet baby shower gift or a small toy for any little one! He or she can be personalized however you like. This lovey can be made quickly within a day or two if
you are needing a quick gift to make.

couple elephant amigurumi crochet pattern
Alfalfa & Sprout Elephants by SarahDee Crochet

Alfalfa and Sprout are crochet amigurumi elephants, made holding their best friends, the bees! Alfalfa has a never-ending love for his sweet buzzy friends. His days consist of gardening and drinking sweet tea on the porch with his other half, Sprout.
Sprout loves to help Alfalfa in their garden. She always makes sweet tea and cakes for them to enjoy after a long day in the sun with the flowers and the bees!

Dutch Bunny amigurumi crochet pattern
Rosie the dutch bunny by Foxy Crochet

Rosie has been designed to be able to stand on her own, she can be used as toys for young children or home décor. Present idea for Easter, Baby shower or for someone who loves bunnies.

toucan bird amigurumi crochet pattern
Toucan Bird Amigurumi by Planet Piu

This pattern will help you create your own bright and very positive Toucan bird. . Make your own cute and funny tropical bird in bright colors you want. Enjoy!

amigurumi cat crochet toy pattern
Kotaro cat by Meow Amigurumi

Kotaro cat is a cute and quick project for everybody. Sometimes the simplest is the best!

bear amigurumi crochet pattern
Rudon the bear by Conngauu Handmade

Who doesn’t love teddy bear? Rudon the bear is adorable and cuddly to be the best bed-friend for the little ones!

6in1 Groovy Baby Hazel play set amigurumi crochet pattern
5in1 Woodland Baby Collection by The Burgundy Basket

This Baby Hazel Collection for the Grooviest Mom and Baby Girl! This large flower pillow is a great baby prop and the round thick rug is the perfect place to let baby have some floor time. This cute owl sack for when baby is just old enough to go spend the night away and pack the essentials.

WAIT, I have another gift for you! This coloring ebook, including all objects appearing in this nature-inspired amigurumi patterns collection, is there inside my Tribe Vault, along with other free patterns, printables, and resources. It is the best extra gift for your little one to color, along with the same animal crochet toy!

Mockup for Nature Coloring Book
Click here to get the free coloring book.

I hope you enjoy the round-up of nature-themed amigurumi crochet patterns! Comment below and tell me which nature amigurumi crochet pattern inspired by nature that you love most in the event? Feel free to share your work with me and other crocheters inside my Facebook Group, And don’t forget to tag me @anvisgranny and the author of the pattern, with the hashtag #amisuperpack on your social media photos to get the chance to be featured on my account.


30 most beautiful nature-themed amigurumi patterns to crochet
30 most beautiful nature-themed amigurumi patterns to crochet for beginners

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From Joy with love!

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